måndag 13 september 2010

Perfume meeting in Stockholm again!

This may not be the most beautiful spot in Stockholm, but still one of the most well knowned, at least Sergels Torg (sqare) or "Plattan" is really hard to miss when visiting Stockholm.

Several blog readers and perfume friends have wonder if it isn´t time for another perfume meeting again? And since the one we had before was so mych fun, of course I think it´s time for another one soon. I hope you´ll join us!

Here are some dates that´ll suit me: Saturday 9/10, Saturday 16/10 and Saturday 6/11. Around 12 will work for me this time to, since my train arrive around 11.15.

Maybe we´ll just do as we did the last time with perfume testing and a cup of coffee, if anyone have some other good suggestions, please let me know. I don´t know if many of you feel like bringing your own scents and let others test them, but I´m sure we can work something out.

New participants are very, very welcome, we had a really great time last time, even though my head spinned thanks to all the fragrances I´ve tried. You don´t have to worry about age, style or your expereinces with perfumes, last time we where all different kinds of people, and the more different, the funnier and more interesting I belive.

Leave a comment below if you feel like joining us, please also mention which day that suit you the best, maybe we can agree about the date that suit the most of us.

I´m really looking forward to meet you!

pic: webcam.se

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh I'm jealous! Sounds like you'll all have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, my attendance would require a trans-Atlantic voyage....not likely ;-)

  2. lovethescents: We had really fun during the meeting in May, it was relaxed and so much perfumes... To bad the world is so big geographicly. :P