onsdag 22 september 2010

Weil - Zibeline (vintage)

Fur isn´t exactly the world´s most popular garment, at least not in our time. Maybe the fur as a symbol for wealth, elegance and power is bigger in some other countries, but not really in Sweden. But, about 80-90 years ago, the fur wasn´t as questioned as today, even though, of course, not all could afford to own a fur garment. Still, a lot of common women in my grand mothers generation own at least a fur hat or maybe a fur stole. Fur was grand, modern and maybe gave a sense of luxury for a hard working farmers wife with 4 or 5 kids.

weil was originally a fur company that decided to start making perfumes as well. The fragrances was intenden to be worn together with furs and the first scents also had fur-inspired names such as Zibeline, which means mink. Zibeline was first created in 1927/8 (I find different years mentioned). Of course I become really curious when I found a vintage bottle of Zibeline and for a good price also. I just had to buy it.

My bottle looks like it is from the 50'ies or even earlier than that, when I have compared it to other vintage-Zibeline bottles. Anyway, it was un-opened and untouched, even with the cellophane left around it, you can imagine how exciting it was to be the first one opening this treasure? Imagine that it has been forgotten in a cupbord for ages and ages. I think it´s amazing.

It is a splash bottle, so I decided to decant a little from it with a pipette. And then I tried it for the very first time. And this isn´t bad at all. The opening is filled with purling and spritzy aldehydes as good as new, the citrus notes in the opening are fresh, juicy and tart and I can´t really belive they have stayed this good for about 50 years. Usually citrus is a little sensitive for aging, but it´s impossible to notice in this bottle. Also in the opening I can tell this going to be a soft, warm and golden scent.

I don´t like all kinds of vintage scents,some are dated and others aren´t really my kind of scents being to dark, strong and kind of murky even. But, Zibeline is in the cathegory of vintage scents that I like. It has some similarities with Shalimar, but softer and more floral, but that warm, golden feeling they´ve got in common.

In the heart of Zibeline the flowers bloom as if they where all new and fresh, it´s soft and powdery iris, gardenia and jasmine with some papery feeling and the most gorgeous ylang-ylang you can imagine, it has creamy, peachy and even cherry fresh elements, making Zibeline a scent with almost gourmand qualities. I have said it before about some of my vintage faves, but I say it again , perfumes like this are not made anymore.

The basenote in Zibeline with some sweet honey, amber, tonka and civet giving it a golden, heady, warm and extremy rich character. The flowers slowly retires and leaving a soft, feminine and powdery scent bledning extremly well with the warm notes. The civet is noticeable, but not dominat, giving Zibeline life, depth and a soft animalic-sensual glow, without being dirty or too animalic. Zibeline in this version can be worn even if you´re usual a little bit skeptic against animal notes.

Zibeline has medium sillage and good longvity, about 5-6 hours, my version is a parfum de toilette. Of course you should try Zibeline (vintage) if you have the opportunity.

Pic: Women in fur stole

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    I've been keeping an eye out for this a long time. I'm THRILLED for you vicariously! It sounds amazing and beautiful.