måndag 6 september 2010

Andrea Maack - Craft

With notes of aldehydes, elemi (a resin with scent of spicy citrus), cold metal, ice, cedarwood and patchouli, Andrea Maack´s Craft sounds really intriguing. But, I didn´t really think that I would like it, since metallic notes in fragrances seldom seem to mix well with my skin chemistry. I was almost sure that I would like Sharp better, but then, when I tried Craft I got really surprised!

Craft is a really unique scent. Somehow it´s like a scent beyond the post-modern, a scent created for science fiction, space ships and cyborgs. With the aldehydic opening notes, it´s like being greated by a steamy cloud with a tart metallic scent. Like being lost in a foggy forrest with metallic trees and articial citrus fruits hanging from the metallic branches. Or maybe, this is how it smells like in Starship Enterprices hallways? Or is it the perfume that seven-of-nine put on each morning before shs ready to face another space adventure?

Well, somewhere right there I realise that I LIKE Craft a lot! One of few scents with dominant metallic note that actually work well with my skin chemistry. At first Craft is cold, wet, tart and extremly strange, but also interesting, exciting, unique, but most important, wearable. It is far easier to like then I first belived. Somewhere on the way to the heartnotes I detect a scent so much like those tart, papery flying saucers candy, so spot on I can even taste them in my mouth.

Like Sharp, Craft is also a white kind of scent, even though with elemenats of metallic and a hint of lightest green. While Sharp is soft and soothing on the surface, but with something evil/poisionous going on underneath, Craft is the other way around. Cold, wet and strange on the surface, but slowly warming up on my skin.If Sharp is layer on layer, Craft is with the notes parallell developing. It´s in the top notes and for the first hour I think of Craft as a cold scent. When it slowly warms up on my skin a warm, aromatic, woody, earthy and slightly green scent occurs. Still something otherwordly is present, but in a way that ewokes my imagination and curiousity.

During this phase in Craft, it´s like I´m slowly have worked my way to the heart of the spaceship and found out that there´s a giant, wonderfully scented tree that enpowers the spaceship instead of a more common motor (come on, this is sci-fi, anything is possible, at least theoretical). Or is it the little space kids that are having a lecture in biology and growing little miniature trees in petri-dishes?
-Does trees and plants really smell this good for real miss, a little space student wonders.

However, I discovered that I after all are more found of Craft, than of Sharp, even though harp in a way smells more "me", but also is more demanding to wear. Craft is easier to like and also not reminding of any other scent I´ve tried.

Craft has a huge sillage, especially at first when you get surrounden by a humid cloud smelling of citrus and metall. The sillage however are becoming much less dominant when the warmer notes of patvhouli and cedar wood occurs. Craft has good lasting power, even though Sharp has even better. Craft works really well on men too. Craft, as well as Sharp are really a must try scent. It´s not that often this different scents also is so easy to like.

Which is your favorite scent with metallic notes?

pic: seven-of-nine, geeknews

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for these reviews, you always discover something rare and interesting. I'm completely intrigued by Craft, as it happens to concur with my latest crush on cold, metallic scent. This one sounds so otherworldly and perfect. Looking forward to the draw.
    My favourite metallic is Rive Gauche because I only know that, but I'm eager to try things like Pure Turquoise, Calandre, Metal.
    I also consider a bit metallic 5th Avenue.


  2. How intriguing, again! You do find some obscure scents....I wonder where I might procure samples of these.....

    I'm a bit iffy with metallic notes in general. They can't be too obvious. Actually, I find that Claudie Pierlot Mon Premier edp has a cold metallic note, although so well blended among all those warm spices. Have you tried it?

    There's also Les Nez's l'Antimatiere which is dusty metal to my nose :-)

  3. solocha: Craft is a wonderful fragrance if you´re looking for a metalnote. I think it has become my fave scent with metalnote, with CdGs Stephen Jones close second, even though I think that have more of an mineral note.

    Pure Turqouise was just bland on me, nothing special at all. :(

  4. lovethescents: I love finding those kinds of scent that not everyone else allready has wrote about it. But of course, sometimes everyone write about a scent because it is soooo good, and then I like to try that one to. :)
    I´ve never heard of Claudie Pierlot Eau Premiere, where is it available?

  5. Claudie Pierlot Mon Premier is only available in France. If you send me your info, I'll send you a sample ;-)

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