tisdag 7 september 2010

Thierry Mugler - Womanity

In a few days Thierry Muglers latest offering, Womanity, will be launched in Sweden. The 10:th of September it´ll be a release-party in Stockholm. I´ve been curious about Womanity all summer, since I read about it long before the launch in Sweden. Anyway, I hadn´t manage to get me even the smallest sample of Womanity.

Then I read that some trendy girl in Stockholm had been chosen to be Womanity´s spokesperson in Sweden and will have a release-party for the celebrities, and I have to admit that I become a bit jelaous that celebrities would have the possibilty to try it before me! What to do?

I posted a little message on my FB-wall, and less then 20 minutes later, sweet Loukia in Greece offered me a sample of Womanity. Oh, that what friends are for. Thank you, dearest Loukia. Overall, that never stops to amaze me, how friendly and generous perfume lovers are.

Usually I appreciate most scents from Thierry Mugler, Alien is a big fave and Angel Liquer de Parfuem is amazing, several of Thierry Mugler´s male scents are also really good, so I had some high expectations on Womanity. Also, the fact that caviar was involved in the fragrance made me very curious. I´ve read that it isn´t actually the smell of caviar, but rather a kind of copy of the caviar molecul structure. To me, that sounds oddly appealing.

Well, how is it then? I have to say that it´s really, really odd. The opening is a really sweet and also tart fruity mis, where I can smell mostly grape fruit. Not anything I would care for, it smells similar to so many other fruty blends available now. This not so nice top note is soon blended with an aquatic note, but no caivar though. When smelling Womanity up close I can feel some fruity mix, something aquatic and later on also a slightly milky character I guess depending on the fig.

This scent isn´t anything I care for at all, it is so mediocre and boring that I almost forget that I´m wearing a scent at all. Is it also very weak, so when I take a walk with husband and I dog I´ve almost forgot that I´m wearing Womanity...

But then, taadaa... kind of right out from nowhere I can suddenly feel the smell of Angel... Where did that come from??? I sniff my wrist, but there´s no sign of Angel there. Just the same boring scent of Womanity.

But then, a while later I can suddenly smell the most delicious vanilla cookie, sprinkled with just a hint of cardamom and cinnamon... (reminding a little of L de Lolita, but much softer and weaker). But, up close, Womanity still smells the same... this is starting to be very frustrating.

The next time it happens, I´m prepared. Now I immediatly recognize the scent of Alien. But just barely, and it´s gone in a blink.

It seem like little bubbles of Alien and Angel (and that vanilla cookie smell and others as well) are hidden within Womanity, bursting suddenly and letting their scent out, but just for a very short moment. It´s kind of like watching a 3D-movie without 3D-glasses. I also recognise the structure a little from Frederic Malle´s Dans Tes Bras, but it´s stronger and more obvious in that.

I suspect that it is in fact these scent bubbles that are similar to the molecul structure of caviar. You know the way a caviar grain burst between your teeth? I belive that the idea behind Womanity is well thought out, but somehow they don´t reach all the way. The basic scent of Woamnity is boring and bland, and the bubbles are so weak that I suspect a lot of people never even discovers them... And if I want to smell Alien or Angel or vanilla cookie, I can much better use those scent then Womanity.

I do suspect that Womanity can be a really interesting scent on the right chemistry, so it´s porbably worth trying anyway, just in case... And even though I have had it for a little while now, I don´t feel really finished with it. I belive Womanity can be one of those scents that grows after a while.

The sillage is really odd, and longvity is good. I guess Womanity -despite it´s name- could work on men too. Have you tried Womanity, what do you think about it?

pic: beut.ie

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  1. I'm such a snob! I saw this in the shops and didn't even test it as I'm not a big lover of the Mugler fragrances, except for Miroir des Envies and the LE Liqueurs. I really should give this a try as I do love fig :-)

  2. lovethescents: Maybe you will like Womanity the, it´s much subtler and soft then most Mugler scents. Usually I´m not a big fan of fig, but the fig note is the best part of Womanity.

  3. I've tried Womanity - purchased one of those promotional 10ml bottles unsniffed. And...it is definitely a strange scent. I can't make up my mind about it either. I agree it may need more testing. But on the first couple of tries, I get boring. Yes, I smell it, but it doesn't capture me in any way. I keep thinking if I try it again, I'll suddenly "get it" and love it. I wouldn't say I hate it, but it's not love.

  4. Karin: Most scents that behave that way ends up being forgotten, either I love it right away or else I suddenly discover that I love a scent unexpectedly, when I "think" I should love it, maybe later... usually I don´t.