söndag 12 september 2010

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Nuit de Tubereuse

To find pictures of men and flowers wasn´t that easy. Most pictures I found was with a male holding a boquet of flowers behind his back and looking innocent. Really sterotype and not at all what I wanted. Then I looked among homoerotic artwork, and now I found some males with flowers, problem was they was a little too erotic, so I settled for this one above, maybe he´s a little to cute, but at least he´s wearing some pants...

I´ve tried to figuring out L'Artsian´s Nuit de Tubereuse for a while now. It is another of those scents I´m having some problems to get to know. But so, one day, I get it! Nuit de Tubereuse is a masculine scent, and a masculine tuberose which isn´t the most common thing.

Besides that masculine thing going on, I belive I recognise something in it from some other scent, but I can´t at all figure out which. Have you the same feeling, maybe you even know what scent it reminds of, please let me know.

When I started to get used to Nuit de Tubereuse I almost belived this was another tuberose scent that I could like a lot (this far Carnal Flower is my only BIG tuberose crusch). It is really tuberose, but also a very different take on tuberose. It is soft and in a way shy -for a tuberose scent- still it has almost killer sillage and great lasting power. Sounds weird? Well, I know, but still it has kind of a soft aura even though it sounds impossible.

There is soft greenery in Nuit de Tubereuse, a greenery that smells "hollow", but in a good way. Soft species that softens the sharp tuberose and the tuberose has company of other flowers, gently whispering in the background.

But suddenly, there it is! The masculine note! When I well had discovered it, I can´t stop thinking about it, and realise I don´t like Nuit de Tubereuse as masch as before I discover the masculine note. Usually my skinchemistry fails to lift up masculine notes, even in scents supposed to be masculine or unisex, so this is quite a surprise for me. I can only think of one other floral scent supposedly feminine scent acting the same way, namely Carthusias Aria di Capri, which is a bold and well made floral with masculine elements.

What is masculine and what is not is a matter of taste, and I´m sure a lot of women wears Nuit de Tubereuse without any sign of masculine notes. I really wish that I was one of you!But I have discover that the masculine note don´t shows when I spraying it on clothes, usually I don´t wear perfume at my clothes, but in this case I can make an exception. As is smells on my clothes I wish it would smell on my skin.

Do you have other experiences with Nuit de Tubereuse? I´ll test it on my husband, I think that masculine note wil be really interesting to smell on him. So, Nuit de Tubereuse is a lush, multifaced, lively, full bodied, masculine floral. The sillage is huge and longvity is great.

I really, really recommend Nuit de Tubereuse to men that is interested to find a floral scent suitable for men. Also of course all of you usually liking tuberose, this is a must try, a very different take on tuberose by Bertrand Duchaufour. I also suspect that the masciline note that I can smell, is behaving very different on different types of skin, it isn´t that big that not a lot of women coudl enjoy wearing this as well.

Pic: Bidgood

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  1. I'll have to retest this and look for the masculine note you're describing. As much as I wanted to love this, I really didn't. I quite liked the fruity opening, but the heart and base was terrible on me. It's gotten and continues to get so much love and affection....not from this girl!

  2. I like Nuit de Tubereuse, it's one of the only tuberoses I can wear. I like its fruity floral beginning with a little spice. Maybe the woody-musky base, that I think of as feeling kind of humid and jungle-like, is the masculine part for you? It would be great on a man.