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M.Micallef - Time for love (watch collection)

A while ago I realised that I don´t at all love scents with tuberose. I love Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flower and I like some other tuberose scents. But, ther must be other tuberose scent out there that I could love I thought. L'Artisan´s Nuit de Tubereuse was quite close, if it wasn´t for that masculine note, apart from that I do like it a lot. But I want more than like...

A perfume friend of mine mentioned M.Micallef´s Time for love /watch and said that it smelled wonderful of tuberose vanilla taffy. Of course I become curious, I have some favorites from Micallef like Gaiac, and I do like their Patchouli as well, but however, they also got scents I don´t care for at all. I wondered where Time for love would end up?

I ordered a sample from Aus Liebe Zum Duft. But, honestly I wasn´t at all impressed the first time I tried it. The very chewing gum smelling opening was a big dissapointment, it is huge and all I could think of weas a giant lump of chewing gum. Hmm, there wont be a split bottle of this I thought. Then I had it on for the rest of the day without caring for it that much until my youngest daughter got home from school and asked what I was wearing cause it smelled so jummy... and I sniffed and yeah, she was right, it really smelled jummy now!

I had to test it the next day again, and now suddenly everything fell on it´s place. Wow! Of course the giant opening of chewing gum is still there, but now I´m kind of enjoy it since it´s a part of an extremly wonderful scent. But when looking up the notes for Time for love, there wasn´t any tuberose mentioned, the top note is peony, followed by jasmine, vanilla and fruity notes and ending up with musk and amber. Well, knowing that peony part I can actually smell the peony, it is some floral notes more spicy and rosy then the tuberose in the opening. Still, to me the opening is pretty much about tuberose and nothing else.

After a while the vanilla chime in, this is so nice. The chewing gum note wears of, but still leave a kind of chewy feeling to the scent, making it remind of incredible delicious vanilla taffy with some tuberose and jasmine flavor. Time for love is an ideal blend between comfort-and gourmand scent.

I can´t detect much of the fruity notes, but there is something minty remaining from the opening, making it a little icy and interesting. Now the jasmine also starts to get more present, at first I missed the jasmine totally, but now I can clearly smell a very soft, papery and sheer jasmine in it, really nicely done. I kind of regret that part of not splitting a bottle of this, I think actaully I must have a part of this (a big part that is).

Also the first time I had this on I belived it was linear and with not much development, but after discovering the nuances in it I realise it is much more complex then I first thought. Despite this complexity it is must of all warm, comfy, sensual and soft. The base of musk and amber of course makes Time for love deep, lively and sensual. But, I think of it more like sensual and caressing then sexy and erotic. It´s hard to make a perfume with this kind of notes not sensual, but apart from that, this can be as far from Carnal Flower it´s possible to get and still have the scent of tuberose. I guess this is also the reason for me to love it. I belive Time for love could be my next big tuberose crush.

Time for love have great sillage and good lasting power, at least 6-8 hours on me. Not much of a scent for men though. This is a must try, but remember it can take a few wearings before you get it.

Oh, another tubeose scent that I´ve missed is fracas, even thoug I have tried it, I cant say much about it, I must return to Fracas and try it out for real.

Pic: Taffyworld.com

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