onsdag 15 september 2010

Annick Goutal - Ninfeo Mio

Is it something that I really miss in my collection that is green scents, I have some light green ones like Comme des Garcons 3, but non of that heavy, lush green kind.

On teh perfume meeting in May I tried a lot of scents, among them was Annick Goutal´s new Ninfeo Mio. The top note was really impressing, but the basenote kind of drowned among all the other scents I tried. Anyway, I´ve gone around thinkg about it and hoping that it might be the scent to fill in the missing lush, green in my collection. So I ordered a spray sample of it.

And yes, the opening is as gorgeous as I remember. This is green in square, most of all I think it smells like nettles on me, nettles, and juicy early summer grass and soma almost sticky new leafs. All taht is sprinkled with a light touch of citrus that making it stronger and gives it a livelyness and tartness.

According to me, the opening of Ninfeo Mio is a masterpiece, I can´t think of any other green scent that I have enjoyed so much. Totally amazing, I ma so hocked up on Ninfeo Mio for about half an hour. The bursting green top note is followed by gentle notes of flowers (only hints, not strong at all) and something soft and a little milky, and I´m still with it... until it´s... uuuh... what is happening?

Unfortunatly there isn´t anything good happening. Some note or combaination of notes makes Ninfeo Mio go sour on me. Something smelling like brimstone and something harsh and piercing shows up. I didn´t noticed this when I tried it in Stockholm, and it´s such a dissapointment. I have notice this sourness with some other Goutal´s as well, some of the florals and the whole oriental line of Annick Goutal. What on earth is it in the scent that makes them behave like this?

But, I have to admit that Ninfeo Mio smells good from start to end on my husband, his skin chemistry seem to agree really well with notes that don´t agree at all with mine.

So despite Ninfeo Mio´s crash on my skin, I do recommend it. The sillage is medium and lasting power is good, at elast for an Anncik Goutal. If you usually like green scents and have skinchemistry for it, this might be a winner.

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  1. It's very unfortunate when scents go sour. I have that problem with perfumes where there is white musk.
    I absolutely love Ninfeo Mio and it works great on my skin. No sourness at all.

  2. This one smells like cat pee to me after awhile :(

  3. I should give it another chance, but the time I wore it, all I could smell was sour lemon hard candies.

  4. I quite like this....not enough to warrant a FB, but enough to enjoy my largish sample. It's everything I wanted l'Artisan's Fleur de Liane to be: green, lush, dewy.

  5. Ines: Sorry to hear, it is white musk in quite many scents... Some perfume lines seem to have that something that gets sour on me more often then other, Annick Goutal, but also Sonoma Scent Studio and Parfums de Nicolai...

  6. Bloody Frida: Well, it end´s up almost like that on me to... it´s strange isn´t it?

  7. kjanicki: I liked the tart note, but on me it was in the background and just made the green more interesting, until it... didn´t work anymore.

  8. lovethescents: have you tried Bayou from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? Right now it´s my favorite green scent, it´s tart at first with elements of flowers and greenery and become more and more green, lush and wild later on there is a soft, spooky base of oakmoss. I ´ll order a big bottle of it later this month. :) It kind of smells like the jungle where Carnal Flower is growing.

  9. Hi Rebella, love the visual image of "the jungle where Carnal Flower is growing". I've only tried one Black Phoenix scent. I think it was called Sri Lanka. For some reason, I've never been interested in exploring this range. Not sure why....possibly because they are perfumed oils, of which I'm not a big fan of. You do make that Bayou sound wonderful, though. Thanks for the tip!