torsdag 1 juli 2010

Marc de la Morandière - Kiyo

There is so many perfume houses and perfume brands that when i´ve tried perfumes from one new brand, there is two new brands showing up that I´ve never heard of. Marcde la Moriandière was such a brand. I had never heard about it, until a fellow perfume lover mentioned that they offer really nice perfumes for not so hich prices. Of course this made me curious.

And since I´m in a lucky streak, I have got the possibility to try one of their scents, Kiyo. I don´t know anything about Kiyo, and I can´t find it anywhere not even on the company homepage

I guess that means that Kiyo is a new scent, and that it will make it to the homepage eventually. Well, that also means that I have no idea which notes that are supposed to be in Kiyo, so I´ll have to guess. Kiyo means pure and clean in Japanese, and as you know, those kind of scents aren´t usually among my favorites. Howvere, with Japanese inspiration it becomes another kind of clean scent, then it would be with more Western inspiration.

Kiyo starts off with fresh greenery and some very soft and easy notes of citrus, maybe lemon. I find the citrus note quite interesting since it occurs now and then during the opening in kind of small, short whiffs. Apart from greenery and citrus, Kiyo is also quite aquatic, but there is a mystic kind of creamy, milkky notes that haunts me. I tried to figure out what it was a long time until I decided it smells almost like banana, green bananas that is or maybe some little coconut in it as well. This is a very, very soft note and I´m not sure what it is for real, but it gives Kiyo a slightly creamy feel, but without sweetness.

Kiyo is a discrete, cooling and calming scent. It is like sitting on a low bridge in a Japanese garden under the bamboo and dip your toes in the cool water. Even tough I think of Kiyo as a very discrete scent, it is a master on lingering around. When I´m wearing it, now and then I´m surrounded by beautiful serene bamboo greenery.

After a while the citrus and banana/coconut/whatever wears off and being replaced with some very soft floral accords. At first I experience it as an aquatic floral, maybe lotus blossom. But as the scent evolve I think of it more lika lily-of-the-valley or some other lily note. As with the creamy note, the floral note is subtle and hard to pinpoint.

Despite it´s soft and tranquile character, Kiyo has great lasting power, at least 8-10 hours on me. The base note has more prominent green and floral impression on me.

Kiyo isn´t spot on my kind of scent, even though I think it fits perfect during hot weather when you need something to cool you down with. I also belive Kiyo would be nice if you wan´t to create a serene and still kind of lively feeling. I do really recommend Kiyo to those of you liking green, transparent and aquatic green florals. As I said, Kiyo is discrete but very nicely whafting. In that, it reminds about Comme des Garcons 3.

Pic: losemindfindsoul

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  1. 'sitting on a low bridge in a Japanese garden under the bamboo and dip your toes in the cool water' that sounds like a scent I'd like to try! Nice blog!

  2. Rose: It´s a really comfy and refreshing scent this time of year. The creamy/milky note makes it a little different from most other scents in that cathegory.

    Thank you! :)