fredag 16 juli 2010

La Collina Toscana - Girasole del Poggio

I have tried some scents from a new, Italian company La Collina Toscana. They´re offering fragrances with eau de toilette-concentration and they´re inspired by the Tuscan nature and plants. Among the one´s I´ve tried (Papavero delle Balze, Assenzio dell'Oblio, Iris della Signoria and Girasole del Poggio) I have been captured by Girasole del Poggio.

Sunflower note in perfumes are quite un-common, but in Girasole del Poggio I can enjoy it fully. Girasole del Poggio mange to be both a summery and sunny scent as well as different and memorable. The note i think about as sunflower makes all the difference. Apart from hte sunflower Girasole del Poggio is a summery, soft, sweet and fruity scent. Not what usually like in perfumes. But, the sunflower note is amazing.

Now, I hope it is the sunflower I can smell, since sunflower isn´t that common in perfumes I´m not totally sure. Well, anyway Girasole del Poggio smells like a wonderful Italian peach ice cream sprinkled with sunflower seeds, nuts and grated white chocolate. The sunflower note is interesting, multui-faceted and subtle. It´s partly remind me of melted white chocolate, but also buttery oli and fried crisply haselnuts, there is also a aromatic floral note and something soft and creamy. With other words, it smells incredible jummy and also a little bit odd (in a good way).

Girasole del Poggio is one of those scents that I have to repetedly sniff when I´m wearing, maybe to convince myself that I´m really smell that good! It´s quite a discrete edt, but the staying power is OK, about 4 hours on me, best among the scents I´ve tried from La Collina Toscana (Papevero delle Balze and Assenzio dell'Oblio has longvity like Annick Goutal/L'Artisan scents on me). Girasole del Poggio have very modest sillage (at least from my dab on-sample).

Girasole del Poggio is like having a picnic at the edge of a sunflower field in tuscany with the smell of sunflowers blending with icrecream, peaches and black currant (yes, there is a blcak currant note in it, but I don´t really get it that much). Most of all Girasole del Poggio is a very summery and sunny scent. It is easy to wear, but I can imagine that not everyone likes the sunflower note. It is youthful, yet timeless and can be worn by most women I think.

Girasole del Poggio makes me very curious about other scents with prominent sunflower note. I haven´t tried many with such (except for Honore des Pres Bonte´s Bloom which alos is a beautiful summer scent, but with no lasting power). There is a scent called Sunflower by Elisabeth Arden, but it is really with a truw sunflower note, I belive it´s more like an mixed floral? If you have any suggestion on scents with strong sunflower note, please let me know.

I suggest that everyone that likes floral and fruity scents with a little twist shall give this a try. You can buy it (and sample it) at (the price is totally OK). You can also read more about La Collina Toscana here:
It is now among my summer favorites.

Pic: steve-thoms-sunflowers-field

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