onsdag 21 juli 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Bayou

It´s been a while since I´ve got my imps (samples) from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. And until now I´ve only write about one of them. Is it because the rest of them was just boring? No, not at all, I didn´t like all of them, but some of them are really interesting and good. One of the good one´s is Bayou.

Bayou is the wetland swamps that you can find -mostly- in the state of Louisiana, USA. No wonder, Louisiana is one of the states in the US, that I am most curious about, and I dream about to visit not only New Orleans, but the swamps as well. BPAL`s perfume oil, Bayou makes me want to go there even more...

Bayou starts very bright and tart, like a mix between high tuned aldehydes and really tart citrus. I´m not sure which kind of cirtrus, but a really tart one without sweetness. After a short while the citrus are getting accompanied by soft greenery, the green notes are also kind of tart, soft and fresh. This phase makes me think of sunbeams shining through green grasses and plants. Bayou is also a very warm scent, without being sweet, which makes it both pleasant and different.

But, it´s first when the oakmoss makes entrance I truly surrender and feel like transported to a genuin bayou. At the same time as the oakmoss also some lazy, almost tranquilising white flowers occurs. Gradually the citruses dissapears, but during about an hour, the citrus, the oakmoss and the flowers exists side by side, replacing each other all the time. During this time, bayou is also getting darker and deeper.

More and more I realise that it makes me think of an entire day in the bayou swamps. From the first bright sunshine in the morning, through the heat of the day with it´s flickering shadows and overwhelming greenery, until the oakmoss totally domintes the scent, and make me think about dusk and nightfall.

Even though Bayou makes it´s best to smell like a certain place, I woudln´t hesitate to wear it as a perfume. I find it to be enjoyable, complex and very interesting. As it is a perfume oil, two little drops is more then enough. I think I will buy a big bottle (5 ml) of it when my little imp is empty. Bayou is a must try for everyone that likes perfume oils, but also for all of you that like green scents with lots of oakmoss in. And I do suggest that those of you that still isn´t convinced about perfume oils give Bayou a try! Bayou could be the perfume oil that makes you change your mind.

It has excellent sillage and good lasting power. One of my biggest faves from BPAL.

And whats up then? Well, I will introduce a guest blogger soon. And while mentioning it, if you feel like contribute to this blog with a article, it could be a review or whatever you feel like that has some kind of perfume/fragrance/scent theme, feel free to contact me and make a suggestion. I can´t promise to publich everything, that depends on how many that are interested, but also if three persons would like to write a review about the same scent, maybe I can only publish one of them. It doesn´t matter if you would like to write in Swedish, English or both, I can translate the article.

Pic: daily headlines and from the movie "Pirates of the Carribean"

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  1. Bayou sounds really interesting - nice review! Are there other BPAL perfumes that you would also recommend?

  2. That sounds really good. I love green and oakmoss.

  3. Josephine: It´s very much a matter of personal taste what to order from BPAL, and they have so extremly much to chose from. But apart from Bayou I also like Kublai Khan, Vinter of our Discontempt, Alice, Wanda and some others i don+t recall the names of right now. At the same time there are several that are so strange and repelling I can´t imagine anoyone that want´s to wear them... But still, i think everyone interesting in scents should try at least a handful of "imps" from BPAL.

  4. kjanicki: Then I think Bayou it´s a must try for you. It´s both lovely and exciting.

  5. Bayou sounds really lovely. I've always been fascinated by New Orleans history, this would just be a perfect way to remind myself of those scents.