torsdag 8 juli 2010

Winners of the draw

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There were 17 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Nina
2. womo531
3. Matilda
4. Habit Man
5. Karin
6. Ines
7. solocha
8. Vera
9. Susanne B
10. frk Ø
11. Ylva
12. Bellatrix
13. La Bonne Vivante
14. Hanna
15. siiri
16. Anonym
17. Diana

Timestamp: 2010-07-09 06:08:21 UTC

Congrats to Nina and womo531, and no I still haven´t figured out how to past the print screen properly. And my son is asleep. Anyway, send your addresses to my mail and I´ll send you some goodies by post, even though it can take a while, it´s quite a deal to decant.

This morning my husband get to work, for his first working day after holiday. I gues it´s never so much fun to start working agian after the holiday, but even worse now when it´s so hot. Not so pleasurable to be at the emergency room all day in this heat. But, we have had a great vacation, both fun and relaxing. This means that I´m going to write as usual on the blog agaian. And you know what, that is quite necessary since I´ve got so much to catch up on.

And what to expect? Well, I have promised a review of Worths Courtesan (it´s about time) and also I have Majmua Attar to write about and a lot of other stuff. But I admit that I´m not as much up to test new scents right now. It´s beacuse of the heat wave, usually I like strong and powerful scents, but now I´m afraid of testing something too powerful, I can´t stand some kind of scents in this weather. Aquatic and soft floral scents are in heavy rotation right now and as usual soft, clean amber-scents.

What do you wear in the heat? Have you any new summer favorite? Do you long for some cooler weather when you can start wearing your heavy faves again? For some reason I´ve discovered that I tolerate heavy notes better if they´re in a perfume oil, than in usual perfume, how come?

Apart from that I´m sitting here and are a bit uncertain about a scent that I recently bought on Ebay (haven´t even paid for it yet) namely V.Westwood´s Boudoir. I was supposed to buy a bottle of Paul & Joe´s Blanc, but wasn´t admitted as a bidder since I wasn´t in UK, even though I had contact the seller beforehand. So when I didn´t get Blanc I placed an impuls bid on Boudoir and won it... Oh well, it´s the one with orange juice and I sure hope it´s as different from the one with pink jucie as every one say, since the one with pink juice makes me ill. And if I don´t like it, maybe I can swap it?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Even if I have some favs, I simply cannot resists all those samples :) :) in the end of summer, I used everything :)

  2. Bellatrix: Hoenstly, samples are the backbone of my collection. :)