söndag 11 juli 2010

Parfums Del Rae - Debut

Apperantly I have got me some writing cravings during vacation, and I can sit alone also since all of my kids still sleeps. And speaking of kids, all of mine (still living at home) seem to be in some kind of housey mood. Some days ago they made apple pie, and yesterday they picked blueberries and we made some delicious blueberry buns. I like it when they mess around in the kitchen, co-operate and behave nicely to each other.

Well, anyway this isn´t a bakery-nor an at home with-blog. This is a perfume blog.

As mentioned, there are so many perfume house and lines and Parfums Del Rae is one of those I haven´t tried anything from until just recently, when I´ve got all of their scents (except the newest Coup de Foudre) in a swap. Among them, Debut is the one that manage to catch me the most, even though I haven´t tried all of them yet.

Debut is on me, at least in this heat, another close relative to La Chasse Aux Papillons. And among those I find similar (La Chasse Aux Papillons, Esprit de Fleurs and Pomelos) this is the one with best staying power. That is of course a great bonus I think.

Most of all it´s in the opening I can smell the similarity. Debut opens with a quite heady and strong floral note, but toghether with wonderful, fresh and juicy citrus fruits. It´s like a very well blended note of flower that smell both soft, rich floral and citrus at the same time. Oooh, Debut is such a pretty scent, just that kind of summery and youthful scent I like so much.

In the heart of Debut you can find lily-of-the-valley, linden blossom and cyclamen. This makes Debut a little more concrete then the others, with a tendency to big white floral, without being it. Debut also have a green element, which I hardly can detect, maybe it is more noticable in colder weather? Usually I´m not that much of lily-of-the-valley in perfumes (If it isn´t the exact RIGHT lily-of-the-valley), but in Debut it´s working quite well.

I can smell the lily-of-the-valley clearly in Debut, but without it being so overpowering and almost tranquilasing that it can be in some scents.

Debut is also different from the other during drydown, thanks to the base, Devut is much more long-lasting then the others. It is nice with a fresh, sprittingly summer scent that last long. On me up to 8-10 hours (over night). The nice tart floral notes last quite abit to, but apart from that I find the base note a bit strange...

I like it, but now Debut has chosen to walk a different path, it becomes a little masculin even. I guess it´s because of the vetiver and sandalwood in the base. In some ways I think that the base doesn´t really fit with the sunny, summery and girly floral. Still I like it, and I think the base (whitch has some similarities to L'Artisans Timbuktu) is making Debut more interesting and edgy.

This means that Debut also could be really interesting on a man. Or someone lifting up masculin notes with skin chemistry, like my oldest daughter for instant. I must try Debut on her later on...

Debut is a really nice and well made scent, and I recommend it to all that likes La Chasse Aux Papillon, but don´t forget about the little weird base note though! And so nicw with some lasting pwoer in this cathegory of scents, and a decant sillage as well.

Pic: Lily of the Valley, candle craze

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  1. Thanks for this great description of Debut - one of the DelRae perfumes I have not tried. I would probably like the 'weird base note' you describe. Will have to try this one!

  2. I lkied Debut, but you're right about the base being a little strange, coming after the pretty floral part. My favourite from Delrae is Amoureuse.

  3. I definitely agree that debut is a really nice and well made scent. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this. :)


  4. Josephine: Yes, the base note is a little weird, but also makes it stand out. It´s just that you wont expect such a girly perfume to turn unisex or even slightly male in the end. :)

  5. kjanicki: I haven´t yet tried Amoureuse, but I guess I will soon. Bois de Paradise didn´t work on me at all...

  6. pheromones attract women: Yes, it is and I think all of Del rae´s scents are well made, even though not all of them make my world spin.
    Thank you. :)