fredag 9 juli 2010

Worth - Courtesan

I´ve mentioned Courtesan earler on the blog, but without describing it properly. Not because I don´t like it or find in un-interesting, but I´ve only forget about it from time to time.

Well, now it´s time to give it a proper presentation. Courtesan has lot of notes, fruity notes are blended with gourmand notes and spices. In the opening Courtesan is a tart fruity scent that gets accompanied by vanilla, spices and a soft smoky note. During the topnote I can also smell both aquatic and airy features in it, still it´s also tart, sweet and warm.

Courtesan is a really lively scent on my skin, especially during top-and heart notes, for a while I think cardamom is dominating, but thereafter I think it´s vanilla and then the fruits take center stage... For that reason, Courtesan become a scent filled with expectancy to me. It is so much going on in Courtesan that I get the feeling of preparing for a fantastic party. Not the neighbors usual barbecue, but THE party. No matter if your preferences are London Rubber Ball or the Carnival of Venice, this is the party that make your heart beat a little faster and thickles in your tummy. That feeling, but in adjusted dose, I get when I´m wearing Courtesan.

This doesn´t mean that Courtesan is nothing but a prepart-scent, Courtesan will work fanatstic even at the party. Courtesan is warm, sweet and fruity, but still I think of it as quite a soft scent. And without doubt, Courtesan is also a sexy and sensual fragrance, and as such, filled with energy. This is a sprightly and living kind of sensuality. Youthful, but still wearable for women in all ages. Not at all an average fruity-floral.

When the scent has warmed up on my skin, I can smell the floral notes, but they´re all the time quite soft and in the background (at least on my skin). The flowers are all the time dominated by spices (mostly cardamom) and vanilla. The flowers are more distant, then flowers right under your nose. During this phase, the scent is also becoming more linear, the vanilla is smoth but also a skanky musk showing up.

As you can guess, there is something for every taste in Courtesan. Maybe that it is a little to much for some. I like it, but need to be in the right mood to wear it. Courtesan is a must try if you like fruit, vanilla, spices.. musk... flowers, well it is a full-bodied to much of everything kind of scent.

Courtesan has decent lasting power, about 4-5 hours and the sillage is OK, without being overwhelming. I think Courtesan works well during hot weather, it´s actuallt much more saturated and soft now when it´s hot, then when it´s colder weather.

Pic: Life123

3 kommentarer:

  1. I like Courtesan for cooler weather, too. It's a really nice scent though, and one I really enjoy.

  2. Diana: I saw it great price at cheapsmells, and I would consider buying it, but there are others I want more.

  3. Hej Rebella ah vilken slump, jag gav denna worth parfym till min fru på hennes födelsedag, jag tror att hon gillade den faktiskt :-)