söndag 27 juni 2010

I´ve got luck!

I love to read other perfume blogs (and a lot of toher stuff about perfume too). Some reviews make me so extremly curious about the scent described, that I can´t wait to try it. Sometimes it becoma as wonderful on me as on the person that reviewed it but sometimes it´s nothing but a big oh well... I also find it extremly interesting to read about people that happened to find a practically new bottle of Amouage at the local thrift store (like that ever will happen here in Nyköping). Or every possible way to find/buy/discover unusual perfumes at unusual places.

Usually I won´t say that I´m a particulary lucky person, not that I´m the opposite either. But my luck usually is of the kind you know like "Wow, I just won 10 bucks on the lottery" or "Finally I manage to get me a small decant of that wonderful scent" or "Yippie, I´ve got some small, pretty samples by mail today", and belive me I´m a very happy every time I´ve got some new decants or samples in the mail, but however, usually I don´t manage to get me that many big bottles of perfume. Maybe one for my birhday and one for Christmas, at least if we´re talking about those a little more rare and expensive kind of scents. So my, perfume budget an ordinary month is rather about 10 euros and up (and not THAT much up either) than 100 euros and up.

But during this past weeks I have been more lucky than usual. Maybe it started when I´ve got the opportunity to buy a big, unopened bottle of Yohji by Yohji Yamamoto for a much lower price then it usually retails for at Ebay (thank you, Triplex). Or when I swapped me a big, almost full bottle of Bond No 9 So New York? Or when I happened to stumble upon another bottle of Yohji (together with a few other nice perfumes) at Tradera for almost free? And not to forget mention, that I´ve just find out that I won the first price in the blog contest at www.parfymguiden.se a gift voucher of (about) 100 euro to spend on a nice perfume shop. OK, they carry mostly mainstream-and designer scents, but it´ll be so much fun to chose among Kenzo, Prada, JP. Gaultier and Dior just to mention a few. And, 100 euro is a lot of money!

I guess I have to share this luck also, so I´ll have a drawing on the blog soon. I think luck is something to share, like goes around comes around. And that seem to be a guding star with a lot of people (most would I say) that swap perfumes. So don´t miss it, I can´t say exactly what day it´ll be, but probably with one or one and a half week.

pic: luck-celtic-shamrock-blessing

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