lördag 3 juli 2010

Shantara - Reve Etoile

Shantara is a Swiss perfume house offering 100% natural and eco-certified fragrances. This far they have three different scents to offer, reve Etoile, Shaman and Isiris, but it seem like they plan more launches. You can find more information about Shantara here (only in French) http://www.parfumshantara.com/

Of the three scents, I get most fascinated by Reve Etoile, it´s really a different kind of scent. The opening is extremly startled, vibrant and living and making me think about a sparkling softdrink. But not any old soft drink, no some kind of chocolate soda- creamy vanilla kind of drink. I have never smelled anything like it before. This is a exciting and different scent indeed.

Unfortunatly that bursting sparkling feeling fades away rather quick (I have a spray sample) and that is a shame since it contribute to gives the scent a cool and refreshing feeling that would have been needed further in. When the bubbly feeling has fades there is a -quite vibrant though- floral note showing up. Apperantly this is a certain kind of orchid with chocolate features, but I can also sense powdery and soapy notes, something really nice and spicy and even little whiffs of something citrusy.

Reve Etoile is developing really fast on my skin, after the initial burst, what remains on my skin after about 10-15 minutes is what the scent is all about for the rest of it´s staying on my skin, even though of course the different notes gets weaker and weaker. The chocolate note are present, but in the background, apart from that Reve Etoile is a powdery, sopay and vibrant floral scent with spicy and gourmand notes as well. Despite that I really like the opening, after a while Reve etoile become a little heavy and samey on my skin. This could very well be beacause of the hot weather, I´m sure Reve Etoile is a scent that is much better off during colder weather.

Anyway, Reve Etoile is a lively, sparkling and unique kind of scent. It´s complex with a lot of different kinds of notes going on at the same time. The sillage is really prominent and longvity is Ok, about 3-4 hours on my skin (in the heat). It´s hard to recommend Reve Etoile to any certain cathegory of perfume lovers since it is so all over the place. Of course it´s a must try if you´re in to organic/natural perfumes, and different and personal scents and also if you´re curious about floriental gourmands.

Pic: Don Bartram

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  1. The photo of the orchid looks a lot like one that's blooming in my greenhouse right now, called Kultana Fragrance. The name is appropriate, because the fragrance during the day is amazing. This vanda is on my list of orchids to eventually become a perfume.

  2. Doc Elly: Orchids are so beautiful, but also kind of alien-looking. I just chosed a brown orchid, since the scent is filled with chocolate. :)