söndag 18 juli 2010

Vivienne Westwood - Boudoir (orange version)

Both my grandmothers are dead now, but they both lived quite long and I still had them around when I was grown-up. Especially my maternal grandmother was longlived, she become more then 90 years old even though a little scattered towards the end. Now I´m a grandmother myself and even though it´s wonderful with grand children (and I hope I´ll get many of them, which I pretty much van expect since I´ve got 5 kids!) I don´t feel like the perfect grandmother.
But I don´t think that anyone does it? Maybe if you had to wait for years and years to become a grannie and then finally the first grandchildren comes when you way past 60? Maybe it was easier and more natural to be a grandmother during the rustic society? Even pretty young women at 40 or 5o was certainly more worned out back then, and maybe it was a comfort to stay at home looking after the grandkids when the younger generation took on the hard work?

The thing is that my grandmothers also was young once upon a time. They where both young duirng the happy twenties and both of them had for sure experienced a lot of things that I have no idea about. Somehow, high age seem to take a bit of a persons personality and identity, a person that is 80 or 90 years old has soooo much past, when we´re living in a time of constant nows and celebrating the youth.

I am happy with my age, and seldom want´s to change it. It´s very rare for me to wish me younger, but even more rare that I think about being older. I suspect that most of you that read this don´t go around and wish to be 82 or 94? But if you´re 17 I can totally understand that you wish to be 18 or even 20.

Vivienne Westwoods Boudoir (orange version) makes me wish to be at least 80 or a healthy 90 years old or even 100 years old!

I had Boudoir with the pink juice, and that didn´t work at all on me. But everyone said the orange version was much better, and different so when I found one (used bottle) on ebay for practically free I bought it. And I so don´t regret it!

Boudoir makes something with me. Some scents just do that, it is like they are communicating with me. If it is a single note or some skinchemistry thing, I´m not sure, but something triggers my imagination.

Boudoir smells like something that has been around for a long time, like someone that was young and happy and danced between the two world wars. Like someone that attached black silk stockings to a salmon pink garted belt. Like someone painting her eyes with black mascara and some saliva. That smoked cigarettes in a holder and had her hair in a modern bob. Boudoir is like the smell of an old sepia colored photo. Like worn out, but still elegant vintage-underwear. Like something that have been used, loved and lived.

Boudoir is a very powerfull and strong scent, still it smells like something that has been left behind. Like and old chypre scent that has faded. Like a flower bouquet that had been forgotten on a table with a white lace cloth. Like the maku-up forgotten in the bathroom, because a mother to several small kids don´t have enough time to use it... It is something melancholic with Boudoir, but at the same time happy spirited. Like thinking of old happy times, but also realised that they are long time gone...

Oh well, but what do it smell like? It´s amix of a lot of different flowers, blended that way I can´t smell any single flower. There is also a bubblegum scent, and powder, make-up and smokey tobacco. It´s vanilla, milky sandalwood and a tad of skank. But just a little. The skanky note that is blown up in the pink Boudoir is in this version just a pleasant hint. Like comparing the vintage erotic pic on top of this article with a modern porno pic. In this version, the skank is subtle without being spread all over over the place, Whish I like. I don´t understand why they chagned it at all?

This version of Boudoir has some similarities to Libertine, Boudoir being the more retro and feminine of them. Boudoir is a powerful scent, one spray on each wrist is more then enough for me. It have great sillage and good lasting power. Really, I think everyone shuld give the orange version at least a sniff. It si really good, and interesting!

Pic: Vintage erotica

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  1. wonderful post! I have been wanting to try this scent for a long time, and thank you for pointing me in the orange direction!

  2. Lovely description and beautiful picture!

    Now I am very tempted to try Boudoir.

  3. Bloody Frida: The orange is very much better than the pink in my opinion (and most people I heard of seem to agree). I think it´s better in cooler weather though...

  4. Josephine: I think you absolutly must try it, but get the orange version. The pink is like a totally different scent...

  5. The way you describe Boudoir is very tempting, Rebella! Now if only I could figure out what you mean by the orange version. I can't find such a thing anywhere. Boudoir is pink juice with a partially orange box, the "Sin Garden" flanker is green juice with a green and pink box, and the "Jouy" flanker is pink juice with a pink toile de jouy image on the box. Are you saying you like the original, not the flankers? I'm curious, now!