måndag 31 maj 2010

Xerjoff - Irisss

I usually like perfumes with iris (orris root). You can find iris in a lot of different varieties, like Frederic Malle´s warm and powdery Iris Poudre and Serge Lutens cold and foggy Iris Silver Mist. Prada´s light Infusion d'Iris, Odori´s masculin and papery or maybe D.S & Durga´s filled with soil and minerals.

Xerjoff´s Irisss manage to collet all those different varieties of iris in one single scent. On my skin and to my noxe, Irisss is the most complex iris scent I´ve tried. It opens with notes of dark, rich soil and crispy, fresh carott. It feels like I´m digging up a very different kind of root from the ground. Soon the scent of carott are mixed with some note remindning of violets, the soil is still there, but becomes dryer. I can imagine a strange violet root (the one on the pic is a purple kohlrabbi and has nothing at all to do with orris root, but I think it look so strange and interesting) slowly I dig the root up...

Eventually Irisss become more and more saturated. On me it´s mostly a warm scent, even though I can sense streaks of coldness in it as well. On me, Irisss is also quite sweet (but as i discovered during this weekend, my skin really lifts up sweet notes), but with obvious elements of saltiness, soft floral notes and the amazing soil as a backdrop. I can suspect that Irisss will smell very different on different persons. And it´ll work great on both men and women. Irisss is also ratjer complex, but more like layer on layer than all notes swirling around each other. It´s like when one layer are about to fade away you can sense the bottom layer start growing. The note of carott are replaced by violet that are replaced by soft florals. The soil note is first fresh and tick and after that more dry, dusty and after a while salty and then mineral with a little more moist in it. The note of iris is first of like root vegetables and then iris floral and slowly become more woody...

As you can understand, Irisss is an incredible fine, interesting and beautiful iris scent. It is a must to try it for all iris lovers. I suspect I will be able to understand and like Iris Silver Mist better thanks to Irisss. Irisss has medium sillage and good lasting power, but even though I really like it, it is much to expensive for my budget. Irisss is also a challenge to wear, thanks to it´s complexity and the different shapes of it, it seeks attention all the time.

What kind of iris (orris root) do you prefer? Iris Silver Mist or Iris Poudre? Maybe you have tried Irisss as well?

Pic: gardenplansireland

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  1. Thank you for the review! I plan to wear Herme's Hiris today, another rooty iris perfume. Iris Silver Mist is a bit much for me and something in it prompts a headache, even though I admire it greatly. Iris Poudre is lovely as well. This is the perfect season for all iris perfumes. Enjoy!

  2. Josephine: Yes, I can totally understand how Iris silver Mist can give you headache, it is both strong and subtle at the same time.