torsdag 27 maj 2010

Xerjoff - Oesel

I´ve been lucky enough to try scents from the Italian luxury brand, Xerjoff. before I recieved the samples i didn´t know that much about them except that the bottles are stunningly beautful, the raw materials used are really high quality and that they are really, really expensive. You can read more about Xerjoff here:

Of course I hoped that the scents would be really good, but I´ve tried perfumes from really expensive brands before without being that impressed. But, Xerjoff manage to be all that I had hoped Amouage to be.

Usually when i write about some scents from one perfume house i save my favorite scent to last, but with Xerjoff scents I decided to do the other way around. I start with my favorite, Oesel. Oesel is a part of the Shooting Star collection, a line of perfumes named after a meteorite impact over Siberia. every bottle in the Shooting Star collection are decorated with a piece of meteorite. You can find Oesel and other Xerjoff scents at Aus Liebe Zum Duft and Luckyscent. The prices are really high (about 250 euro) and well... hmm... not that I have that kind of money but if... Oesel is soooo worth it.

Xerjoff manage in Oesel to unite comfort, luxury and beauty with excitement, charm and advanced perfume making art. Oesel feels so abundant, over flowing and rich that I doubt it´s possible to pack a single scent more than this.

Oesel transform me to a small bee, or a butterfly, a humming bird or maybe a adorable little fairy with golden wings that lives her whole life in an acacia tree among golden clouds of flowers, pollen and precious drops of sweetest nectar. Oesel caresses me as the sunbeams. Oesel is a horn of plenty with charisma and power as an ancient divinity. Oesel is golden yellow and soft as the fuzz on a chicken. Oesel makes me dream when I´m awake and follows me in my sleep...

Notes, besides of acacia is orange flower, petitgrain, jasmine sambac and Bulgarian rose. Oesel starts of slightly lighter but soon the whole deliciousness follows. The heartnote is seamlessly blended it´s like a adorable, rich and golden floral cloud. Oesel wraps me in and make my pale skin turn golden...

The perfumes from Xerjoff make me feel happiness, amazement and gratitude. Non of the other real high end-brands that I´ve tried have manage to do that. Oesel is the one captivating me the most, but when I´ve tried to decide which of Xerjoff fragrances to write about, it has been a hard time not to write about them all, since they´re all deserving a proper review even though not all of them suits me as good.

Oesel is a slow scent, a scent to hang around with, but when the base notes slowly arrives I can see why Oesel is originally intenden for men (!)... The warm, woody base has some male characters, which of course only manage to make Oesel more interesting to me. Generally speaking you can´t accuse Xerjoff to make ground breaking, provocative or radical scents, they rather conduct the best in perfume making and still... Oesel is on the border to provocative... that is provocative beautiful, no matter if it´s worn by men or women...

Oesel might be my holy grail in perfumery. Usually I tend to question brands that chose to present their scents in overly pricey bottles, but with Xerjoff scents I can´t see them in anything but the most exclusive bottles. Each fragrance are like a grand jewel and as such, you wouldn´t wear them around your neck in a plastic ribbon. At the same time I´m painfully aware that the bottles are part of the reason why Xerjoff perfumes are out of reach for me. And I do hope that the people that afford to by Xerjoff´s scents really appreciate them as much as they deserve.

Anyway, I do think of saving money for my own bottle of Oesel. Do you have any loved perfume that is much to expensive for your budget? That you have bought anyway or hope to get some day?

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  1. Oh, why did you have to write so nicely about it? They are so expensive and now I want to try some. :)

  2. I hope to get a bottle of Bois des Iles someday, but because of the price and the size of the bottle I keep putting it off.

  3. Hello Rebella, Very nice review. I just sent off for the set of 12 samples from Luckyscent, and am looking forward to trying them.

    And congratulations on your grandson!!!

  4. Ines: I think you must at least try them. I know I have to get more of Oesel eventually, even though I can´t really figure out how...

  5. kjanicki: Maybe you can get a decant of it until you can afford a big bottle?

  6. Doc Elly: I´m sure you´ll have a great time trying them.

    Thank you. :)

  7. Have you tried JPG Fleur Du Male? Oesel is VERY similar to it. FdM makes a great alternative and is far far less expensive.