måndag 10 maj 2010

Krigler - Pleasure Gardenia 79

Thanks to a swap I´ve got some Krigler samples. An old fashionable perfume house that has been resting for quite a few years, but have been brought back to life just recently. Now, Krigler is a New York-based company and they have re-create several of their scents. You can learn more about Krigler, their history, their perfumes and such here: http://krigler.com/index.html

I´ll probably return to other Krigler scents later, but among the samples I´ve got one immediatly captured my interest; Pleasure Gardenia 79. The number behind the names indicates when the scent was released, 79 means 1979 not as early as 1879, and this makes Pleasure Gardenia to Kriglers youngest scent.

Pleasure Gardenia 79 starts of really loud, it´s like the scents jumps off my skin when I dab it on. It seem like all the different notes are trying really hard to be the first one reaching my sense of smell. But it end´s up all of them at once, flowery, fruity, sweet, strong, vanilla, some tobacco, coconut, chewing gum and a lot of different impressions are all over me. My first tought "Oh my, I´m usually not that found of tropical scents" the second "Hmmm... but... oooh... yeah" the third "Well, I may as well surrender".

This extremly skittish opening don´t last that long, maybe cause I´m not spraying it, but what comes afterwords aren´t worse, just slightly more peaceful.

Pleasure Gardenia 79 is a very multi-faced scents. It´s at once peaceful, relaxing and comfy, but also exotic, constantly changing and exciting. It is much of a tropcial blast, with creamy and coconutty nuances, but also plenty of elegance, sensual and erotic. Pretty fast I realise that Pleasure Gardenia 79 is among those really erotic floral scents. And it really manage to make it´s namesake the flower Gardenia justice. I do belive the flower gardenia has something deeply sensual, fleshy and voluptous in it´s apperance. It is among the most sensual and erotic flowers I think. And my middle daughter confuses Pleasure Gardenia 79 with Sls Muscs Koublai Khan, and that is something to add to Pleasure Gardenia 79 sexual aura.

Pleasure gardenia 79 happens to be much more than a blast of erotic pleasures, it is also from time to time clean, clear and almost soapy. Still with that voluptous, radiant and nude colored scent in the background. It is at once truly innocent, pure and white but also very in your face, barely dressed and seductive. To be honest I´ve got some kind of "Lolita-feelings" from it, but this could sound so wrong, becasue I don´t mean it in any tacky or depraved way. And it isn´t girly or childish at all, it has more in common with florals like FMs Carnal Flwoer and as I mentioned Muscs Koublai Khan. Still, Pleasure Gardenia 79 is kind of a cougar dressed in lamb clothes, without it being something strange, wrong or awkward about it. This is really hard to explain, I guess best way to find out is to try this scent by your self!

Besides from sleeky and dirty it also has some fruity sweetness (I can smell pear) and sweet, smoth and even though I think of it as quite discrete it has this wonderful lingering sillage that returns now and then. It is partly tropical, but more like visiting a top class tropical spa in a city somewhere than palm trees, fruit punch and sandy beaches. It has good lonvity about 7-8 hours and the base note is soft, comfy and extremly sexy. Pleasure Gardenia 79 isn´t much of a gender bender, it is utterly feminine.

You really, really, really have to try this if you´re at all interested in a charming, sexy, ambigous and thriving floral scent. You can order samples through Krigler home page, but I´m not sure about shipping to Europe. If you show up on the perfume meeting in Stockholm I might bring my sample with me.

Today I´ve got some nice samples from Luckyscent, the two newest from Parfumerie Generale and some other cool scents (two gardenias among others), more about them soon. Do you have any gardenia fav scent?

Pic: Omnia, flickr

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  1. This scent sounds *dreamy*! I've never heard of Krigler-- NYC you say? I'vll have to hunt it down. Reading your description made me realize I need a tropical infusion...

    Wait-- "perfume meeting in Stockholm"? I go away for a month and I don't know anything!

  2. The left coast nose: You have been missed. They sell samples on their site for 4,50 dollar each I think, and I´m sure Pleasure Gardenia isn´t the only one worth sampling.

    It´ll be a very small and relaxed perfume meeting I think and hope. Of course it would be so cool to see you there, but as far as I know you´re quite a long way from Stockholm?

  3. I love to mix pleasure gardenia 79 with chateau krigler 12. It creates something unique, i'm in Oslo and i order those scents on krigler.com, it's worthy considering the uniqueness of those scents. You should try chateau krigler 12 it's amazing:)!