lördag 15 maj 2010

Van Cleef & Arples - Gardenia Petale

It happened to be quite a few gardenia-dominated perfumes lately. And I don´t mind, even though I hardly hadn´t tried any gardenia perfumes before the one´s I´m trying now.

Gardenia Petale is also my first acquaintance with Van Cleef & Arpels perfumes and i think it´s a really nice acquaintance. In common with kriglers Pleasure Gardenia 79 it has some kind of clear, white cleanness. But apart from that and the smell of gardenia there isn´t much more that unify them.

Gardenia Petale has nothing of Pleasure Gardenia 79`s sexyness, body, richness or tropical sweet feeling. Gardenia Petale is tight, elegant and even though I like it, I can smell something almost clinical clean. There is a neat, perfectly ironed and minimalistic feeling surrounding Gardenia Petale which makes me think it would suit a classic Nordic blond kind of beauty perfect, someone that loves the term "less is more".

And no, this don´t sound overly me, but still I kind of like it. Sometimes opposites attracts and i think that is the case here. Gardenia Petale is a quite monotone scents, but with several layers. One of the layers is cool, serene and pure as water. Another is the smell of gorgeous flowers, beautiful, but still restrained enough to make Gardenia Petale not one of those huge white florals (which in this case is a good thing). The third layer is similar to a papery scent to me. A really nice, dry and almost fragile paper scent. Like handmade paper of the most exclusive quality and with flower petals mixed with the paper. This may be one of the reasons why I like Gardenia petale, since I´m usually very found of the smell of paper.

In Gardenia Petale this scent makes me think about gracile white paper flowers flotaing on a calm water surface. A flourishing tree in the darkness, but lightened with hundreds of lanterns of white paper. Besides the aquatic feeling, there is also a soft airy feeling in Gardenia Petale, which makes the scent both high and deep in a nice way. Still, this don´t have any killer sillage, it´s rather well behaved from start to finnish and on the border to a little boring almost. But, beacause the papery notes and the fact that it isn´t a killer floral I think it´s different enough. It would suit a young, conservative woman on her wedding day. It would be a perfect wedding scent for the Swedish princesse Victoria, that are going to get married in about a month.

Considering the price for Gardenia Petale it isn´t likely I´ll ever buy a full bottle of it, but still I´ll enjoy the little sample I´ve got.

Still no little grandchild. My daughter in law has now gone more than a week over time, but I know as soon the miracle arrive that won´t matter any more. Every time the phone rings I think it´s the son that will tell me that I´ve become grandma. Oh, it´s going to be so much fun and I´m looking forward to it so much.

Only two weeks left until 29/5. If you´re planning to meet me (and other perfume lovers) in stockholm, please let me know in a comment. Maybe NK would be a good place to meet?

Pic: Chanel E

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