torsdag 13 maj 2010

Annick Goutal - Mandragore

If Annick Goutal´s Eau de Charlotte is a short, but sincere love poem (to a daughter, the scent was created to Annick Goutal´s daughter, Charlotte), then Annick Goutal´s Mandragore is a magic and very efficient spell. Ever since I first heard of Annick Goutal´s scents I´ve been interested in and curious about Mandragore, still I haven´t test it until now. Other scents has come in the way, and I´ve been a bit put off because many of Annick Goutal´s scents don´t have any lasting power.

Now there is even a "flanker" for Mandragore (Mandragore Poupre), and finally I decided to order samples of both of them. To my sense of smell, Mandragore is MUCH better than it´s flanker. Mandragore Poupre may have a little better lasting power, but instead it lacks all of the magic and charm I find in original Mandragore.

Mandragore starts of all bubbly and sprightly on my skin, peppy notes of citrus that almost become alive which are followed by a note of star anise which smells almost like liqorice, but more herbal, warm and complex. All I´ve got is a little dab on sample, but this short phase of the scent is nothing but stunningly gorgeous on me. It captures me and I´ve become enchanted, Mandragore is moodlifting, happy and easy to like, but also mysterious, magic and unique. A not that common combination.

The opening is a blast, but lasts very short on me, I can soon smell notes of mint, but that is a warm minty note, more like I´ve been rubbing min leaves in the garden between my fingers than mint a tothpaste or chewing gum. I can´t think of any other scent that manage to make such a nice mint nore and also so interesting. It´s like the combination of notes manage to make each note more interesting than it is on it´s own, even though that´s true for most perfume mkaing, I find it particullary so in Mandragore.

During the heart of the scent I can smell ginger and also some cardamom, at the same time Mandragore also becomes more earthy, darker and herby. Citrus and mint is still there and contribute to a lively impression. Unfortunatly, Mandragore don´t lasts that long either, and after about an hour there is only a quite flat scent left, even though it´s soft, nice and really comfy. I would love to try spraying on Mandragore to see how it´s behave then. Despite it´s lack of lasting power I think of buying a mini or decant of Mandragore soon. I also belive it could be a really pleasant summer scent.

If you´re curious about Annick Goutal I do recommend you to try Mandragore, it´s suitable for both man and women. I also fint it to be an outsider among Annick Goutal scents.

Pic: Misummer´s Eve, Edward Robert Hughes

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  1. it IS lovely - the only Annick Goutal I own! great post

  2. Bloody Frida: I think I´ll go for a bottle of it eventually. :) Thank you.