tisdag 4 maj 2010

My favorite perfume

Swedish site Parfymguiden has annonsed a blog contest. You can read more about it here: http://www.parfymguiden.se/

The task is to write about "My favorite perfume", which seem easy enough maybe, but not for me. I have wondering about it a lot, but then an evening... why is that you always have inspiration, ideas and insightw when you´re about to sleep? Anyway, it was that evenigt I got the answer.

And the answer was in my heart, not in my sense of smell or in the memory bank in my brain where I have stored hundreds of masterpiece perfumes. Now, when I sit here and had put on some of my favorite perfume I can feel in my stomach that I´ve made the right choise.

To put on my favorite perfume is like meeting an old dear friend after a long time. To wear it is like reading that old favorite book for the tenth time and recognise every formulation, intrigue and mood in it. To smell my loved perfume lingering around my body, is like listening to old songs with Beatles or Patti Smith instead of something with Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas that are played constantly on the radio. To me, wearing it is like coming home...

There is no other perfume I´ve bought that many bottles of. Now I´ve soon finished my forth bottle of it, and I know I´ll start looking for the fifth bottle. My favorite perfume came to me when i was adult, I was stuying at the university and it was a good time in my life. But since then, I´ve been trough both good and hard times. But, my dear perfume is a mood lifter, I always feel a little bit more happy, more relaxed, more good looking and more adventurous when I wear it. It is one of a kind.

My dear old perfumes is the only one that I still use, like and appreciate among the perfumes that I used to wear before I become a perfume nerd. It has been with me through thick and thin and i hope it´ll hang around for many more years. Maybe my favorite perfume isn´t the most complex or interesting one, but I still love it.

It houses warm, sunriped, exotic, spicy scents as from an Indian market a hot day and still it manages to convey an adventourus, dark and sensual mystique as from a grand party in the palace of a wealthy maharadja. With it´s richness of juicy fruits, exciting and unexpected spices, among others also note of licorice, tropical almost stunning flowers and extremly rich, sensual and saturated base note of vanilla, amber and patchouli you might belive this scent is for winter wear only. But, I like to wear my favorite perfume at warm summer evenings as well. It fits me like a match made in heaven.

My darling scent ahs been with me since 1996. It was created by the talented Dominique Ropion (that also have created several other favorites such as Alien, Carnal Flower and Anglomania). My favorite perfume is Kenzo´s Jungle L'Elephant. Which is your favorite perfume?

Pic: Wikimedia

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