måndag 3 maj 2010

What´s up?

Have had a nice, but slightly cold, weekend with my family. We watched some movies, Hachiko, Sin Nombre and Inglorious Basterds and they where all good. Otherwise me and the whole family goes around waiting for the little grand children to come, it´s only 3 days to go now, but babies comes when they wan´t to so we have to wait and see. I´m so looking forward to meet my grandkid for the first time soon.

My order (that i placed more than a month ago) at BPAL is finally on it´s way, so I hope it´ll arrive soon. And I´m testing some Italian perfumes, but it will take some time.

This morning I visited my middle daughters folk collage and talekd about perfumes with her class and teachers, it was so much fun and they where all (maybe except of a young man with a cold) so nice, curious and interested. It would be fun to do such things a little more often.

And I will probably participate in a blogg-contest for the very first time, I´m kind of excited about that.

And the perfume meeting in Stockholm seem to be on the 29 of May, around 12 will suit me good.

Pic: fine art america

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