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Parfumerie Generale - Bois Naufrage

Usually I am a quite well behaved and suggestible perfume nerd. If a scent is called "Black Afgano" I don´t hesitate to come along to the Afghan mountains and feel the smell of darkness, camfire and haschisch. If the name is Sienne l'Hiver I gladly wandering around in a wintery Sienna. If it is called Lipstick Rose all I can think of is red lipstick, red roses, red smiles and a happy spirit. But, that is also depending on the fact that the scent is actually fitting it´s name. But occationally the scent don´t manage to convince me about it´s name. Sometimes I find that another name would be more appropriate...

Parfumerie Generale´s new scent Bois Naufrage is one of those scents. As I understand Bois naufrage means something like Forest of shipwrecked wood or maybe wood from shipwrecked ships... Pierre Guillaume was inspired of the pic above, a photo by Lucien Clergue. The picture, the name and the notes (carobtree, seasalt and ambra) makes me expect something totally different then what I get...

What I get is: A cloud of milky flowers rise from my skin as soon as I put on some drops of Bois Naufrage, soon it changes into something very similar to Pina Colada, but kind of a light version. More milk, not as sweet, but still with pineapple and a large dash of rhum. Carobtree is also known as Egypt fig, and I guess that is what makes this scent smell so gorgeuos milky. Usually I´m not a big fan of fig in perfume, but now... even though it isn´t really a fig note, it is so extremly smoth, creamy and with suggestive notes of coconut and I like it a lot. The boozy note is from start almost as pronounced as the mily note, but fades must faster. Also to weak note of pineapple soon hides in the background and are followed by note of soft flowers.

The heart phase is quite linear and pretty much consists of that milky note together with some kind of shy floral boquet (impossible to tell which flowers). The scent of Pina Colada still lingering in the background, but very subdued. How this have anything at all to do with driftwood or shipwreckes I can´t say. I can´t detect any kind of woody notes in Bois Naufrage. But however, Bois Naufrage manage to, with it´s notes of tropical beach and gourmands, be a quite melancholic kind of scent. It´s the beach after a big party rather then the becah during a big party. The ffeling in Bois naufrage is abandoned, dreamy and subtle and that makes it stand out.

Towards the end, the scents is changing, the flowers and gourmand notes vanishes, but the milkyness stills lingers now in compnay with a harsh note, maybe it´s the wood even though I rather think it´s a soft, salty note. Longvity is OK, and so is the sillage.

I think of Bois Naufrage as quite an unique scent, i have never encountered a tropical punch, so subtle, dreamy and melancholic before. The milky note is also really nice, creamy and thick without being to sweet or sticky. I think Bois Naufrage would suit both men and women, and I also suspect it can smell really different on different persons. I think it´s worth to give it a try even though it don´t match it´s name (according to me).

abow: Naked in Driftwood, Lucien Clergue

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