tisdag 1 juni 2010

Xerjoff - Bouquet Ideale

With the scents from Xerjoff it has been difficult to decide which of them to write about. OK, Oesel is my absolute favorite among them, but several of the others aren´t far behind and there´s only a few of them that don´t please me at all.

Bouquet Ideale, from the Casamorati 1888 collection, is also one of my favorites. Maybe, even the one I would wear most often, since it is so easy to wear, mood lifting and still both personal and of highest quality.

Bouquet Ideale starts off with the smothest, creamiest vanilla you can imagine and mixed with something juicy, berry and sweet. It is like the most delicious vanilla ice cream together with soft and sunripe berries. It´s hard to tell exactly which kind of berries, but some tart berries like raspberry, blackberry or even arctic bramble. The ice cream are filled with berry ripple but after a short while the scent changes and the vanilla become more like custard and the whole scent remind more of fudge cookies or a cripsy pie filled with custard and berries. Soooo jummy!

This is really sweet, happy and filled with joy. As a mood lifter Bouquet Ideale is as good as Frederic Malle´s Lipstick Rose, but Bouquet Ideale is more discrete and also changing more. Beneath the lovely surface of vanilla and berries I can smell from the start some vague notes of warm wood and even little whiffs of incense. With time those notes become more prominent and the berries are being switched to flowers. At first I think of violet and roses, but eventually I also think I can smell ylang ylang and maybe jasmine. The wood notes are becoming stronger, but it´s a warm, soft and discrete kind of wood. There is appereantly a note of papyrus in Bouquet Ideale even though I can´t really smell it, I think it contributes to making the scent dryer, and with some papery feeling and also, interesting. I´ve problem finding any report about notes in Bouquet Ideale accept for cashmere wood (a synthetic), vanilla and papyrus. But I say that the base have amber and the vanilla is still around.

Bouquet Ideale would be a perfect scent for parties during late summer or autumn, but I don´t find it to heavy to wear now either. Most of all I like it becasue it is like a big, red and very happy smile. Sensual, but in a exuberant and vivid way, more than seductive or sexy. Bouquet Ideale is smitten me with it´s happy, sunny and radiant energy.

The sillage is good and the lasting power is OK, even though it seem the scents in Shooting Star-collection lasts longer on me. Bouquet Ideale should been tried by everyone that fancy florientals with warm and lively character.

Pic: Inmagine

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