torsdag 27 maj 2010

Winner of the draw

Usually my son helps me with screen shot when I hold a draw, but he wasn´t around now and I tried to do it by myself, without any success. :(

Anyway I manage to make a draw on and here are the result:

List Randomizer

There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Ylva
2. Katarina
3. Ulf
4. Ines
5. Joakim/Hanna
6. Diana
7. Nina Z
8. Siiri
9. Jorid
10. Tara C
11. em
12. Habit Man
13. Marte
14. Karin
15. Susanne B
16. Nina
17. Emmanuel
18. Pärlbesatt
19. kjanicki
20. Helle
21. Lotta
22. Bipbap
23. Anja

Timestamp: 2010-05-28 06:48:39 UTC

Congratulations to Ylva! :) I send your little parcel with samples and something else soon.

Besides from me being sick the whole week everything is just fine. I´m really look forward to the perfume meeting in Stockholm tomorrow. I wish that my ear is allright by then, because right now I can´t hardly hear a thing with my right ear! :(

It´s because I´ve been ill I haven´t written so much on the blog this week, but I´ll hope for recovery and fresh reviews next week.

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