söndag 31 januari 2010

Winter favorites.

I´ve got a perfume that I should write about, but I hesitate. It´s really interesting, but hard to catch, both with my olfactory sense, but even worse, with words.

And it is really wintery here, yesterday morning it was -25 C cold and there is a lot of snow. I would have put in a pic from a parkway close by with the trees all covered with snow, but our computer has been through a mayor cleaning so I´ve got no idea where the picture files are.

Anyway, i saw that several other perfume bloggers have listed their winter favorites, so I decided to do that also.

Which scents has been my most used during late december and january?

ByKilians Back To Black! Yes, I don´t seem to get enough of this warm, golden, sweet honey tobacco and all I´ve got is a small decant, so I have to use it sparesly.

Hilde Solianis Bell Antonio and DoolciiisssiMO are also among my winter favs, but I still haven´t really decided which of them I like most.

Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse Animale is also a top pick. Rather demanding, but so incredible well made and different.

Bois Farine that I´ve got as a wedding present has been heavily used, both by me and the middle daughter.

And as usual, Aomassai and Lounges Profanes from Parfumerie Generale, now with so little left that I have to get more of them.

And... well... hmm... another sample with almost nothing left... Havana Vanille from L'Artisan... Yes, I know I kind of called it a dissapointment only a month ago... but really, I still would love it to smell a little MORE, but what it smells is so enchanting... And I´ve got several others from L'Artisan that I though was very weak at first, but that have grown on me. Like Bois Farine, now I can´t really understand how I could think it was weak at first.

Do you have any winter favorites? And do you want more snow or less?

I promise to get back with some more about that mystery perfume later...

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