måndag 18 januari 2010

Costume National - Scent Intense

I bought Scent Intense unsniffed a coupple of years ago. Happily enough I liked it a lot and the summer two years ago it was one of my summer favorites together with Eau de Star.

But since that, it has been almost unused. My perfume collection has grown a lot during this time, and there is always new samples to try, think about and write about. It isn´t because I don´t like Scent Intense anymore, it is because there is other scents I like a little more and newer perfumes that feels more exciting to use.

Besides from Scent Intense, I have also tried Costume National´s Scent and Scent Sheer. They are all a little similar to each other, with Scent Intense being the most intense (of course) and powerful. Costume National also got a scent called 21, with notes of milk, saffron and spices, and I am curious about it. Is it someone who have tried it?

Some days ago I decided to spray my husband with Scent Intense, and that make me realise how much I really like it. Scent Intense works on both men and women, and also all year. I think I prefer it as a summer scent, since the notes remind me of boat tar and summer flowers.

The notes in Scent Intense are hibiscus, tea, amber and sandelwood. Mostly I think of Scent Intense as a amber scent, with an warm, tarry and slightly smokey amber, very pleasant and longlasting. The hibiscus is more in the background and gives sweetness and a whiff of exotic florals. I don´t get much of the tea or sandelwood, but I think they give freshness and softness. If you like Serge Luten´s Ambre Sultan, I think you should give Scent Intense a try as well, they´ve got some similarities.

Do you have any almost forgotten scents in your collection? Scents that you still like to much to sell or swap, but that you still forget to use.

Pic: pehaa.com

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