tisdag 19 januari 2010

Mistral - Wild Blackberry

I haven´t had any blackberry-favorite scent. Blackberry in perfume usually become either too jammy sweet or too perfumed. Blackberry have a aromatic, perfumed scent by them self actually. And, it isn´t that often I feel like smelling like blackberries, or fruit-and berry notes over all, they aren´t among my favorites in perfumes. But still, I´ve got my strawberry-orange-plum and peach favorite scents.

And now I have found my fav-blackberry! Namely Wild Blackberry from Mistral. http://www.mistralsoap.com/ Mistral is a compnay that offers soaps, bath-and body products, but also seven different eau de parfums.

Appearantly, Wild Blackberry consist of four different berries, but I can smell three of them, blackberry, blueberry and black currant, but the fourth escapes my nose. The scent of berries are soft, but still noticable and the sweetness is held back by lemon and orange. The citruses give Wild Blackberry a nice tart scent. And the berries are really delicious, creamy and also, refreshing. The grenadine-note I can´t smell, but the violet leafs that shows up are so prominent. I think the violet leafs gives Wild Blackberry a complexity that is much more than you pay for. I get both surprised and impressed.

The violet leafs gives a wild, green feeling but also with some floral, powdery violet and that together with the citruses and berries, well so much prettier, comfortable and easier to like it can´t be. I think it is a a true comfort-scent, and both my daughters love it.

Wild Blackberry is soft, almost transparent, but you won´t forget that you wears it. Staying power is also better than what I expect, and the base note are nice with musk and vanilla, even though you still can smell the berries and violet leafs.

A while ago I wrote about the perfume oils from Smell Bent, scents that ws quite easy and straight forward, but very happy and moodlifting. Mistral´s Wild Blackberry is also such a mood lifting and happy little scent. I become rally happy that perfume can be so uncomplicated, cherful, easy to like, but still with an unique personality.

Pic: Blackberry Fairy

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love the smell of blackberries-- we had them growing in our back yard when I was growing up and we used to pick them and make pies, so that is a happy fruit scent to me...

    Your description makes it sound really nice-- although I might only want to smell it-- not wear it, if you know what I mean...

  2. The left Coast Nose: Yes, I know what you mean and I almost agree with you. I think that I about 99% of the days don´t want to smell like blackberries, but the day i want to this one is the one i will chose, it is really nicely done.

  3. Ooh, I love blackberry. I was very disappointed with Mure et Musc; I want to try this now. (I also want to try "vintage" Mure et Musc, which I understand is much better.)

  4. ChickenFreak: This is a really pleasant and cozy blackberry scent. I didn´t care for Mure et Musc either...

  5. Ah, I must try this - I LOVE blackberry notes in perfumes! I even like it when they go Jammy. :) Currently my favourite is Diptyque's L'Ombre Dans L'Eau (although it's more blackberry leaf and a fresher feeling - so really looking forward to trying it again in Summer).

    Great review!

  6. I really LOVE the smell of blackberries!! Real ones... generally not perfumed. Your review has definately captured my attention! I've recently developed sinus problems to perfumes... and I love to smell girly, but not like cotton candy from a bottle! Do you think this would be gentle enough for me? Its only certain smells/ perfumes that make my sinuses act funky :/ I hope to smell like a comfy, and cozy summer day soon!!!