onsdag 6 januari 2010

Frederic Malle - Noir Epices

I am not that familiar with Michel Roudnitska´s perfumes, but his creation for Frederic Malle´s Editions de Parfums, Noir Epices I have got plenty of time to get familiar with. Several years actually. On Editions de parfums homepage you can take a little survey and then they will present the perfumes in the collection that suits you best. http://www.editionsdeparfums.com/

When I did the test, I was suggested Iris Poudre and Noir Epices. And yes, Iris Poudre is really easy to like, but Noir Epices where much harder to understand. Hard to understand, but still there was something with it I couldn´t stop thinking about.

Now I think I finally got it! With only a few drops left in my spray sample and a sudden craving for Noir Epices made me break in to that little bottle and dab a small drop on my wrist. And jeeees! Are you supposed to dab or spray? There is no doubt about that Noir Epices is a dabber! Is this really just and EDP? Maybe after all it´s a pure perfume? With just the tiniest dab, there is more going on than all the times I´ve sprayed Noir Epices earlier.

To start with, I think the name is a little misguiding, it should have been Orange Noir or maybe, Nuit de Orange instead. Because this is orange, night and blackness... velvet and tartness... bitterness and sweetness... powdery notes and orange, orange, orange! Noir Epices smells a little like you have encountered and old vintage perfume, the old perfumes was more strong and powerful than the perfumes of today and also everything volatile have left the perfume. So beware, Noir Epices should be handled with care.

With easy use, Noir Epices is one of the most stunning perfumes with orange/citrus notes that I´ve encountered. If you spray three sprays around your neck with Noir Epices you are the one to blame. I will order a small sample of Noir Epices and whenever I feel like floating away to black orange heaven I will dab on a tiny drop on my neck. And my little sample will last forever and ever...

Pic: Versweiner photobucket

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love how oranges seem to be a continuing theme at your blog... ;)

    I smell Noir Epices, and its not that it smells like tea, exactly, but it smells how a lot of herbal and spiced teas smell to me. What I get out of it is something almost anise-y, even though I know the scent notes don't mention anise or licorice.

    As a spicy scent, it's too *dreamy* for me-- I just keep reaching for Frapin "Caravelle Epicee" over and over again-- can't get enough of the stuff....

  2. The Left Coast Nose: It´s a coincident, but somehow orange is really nice this time of year. It is so darned cold that I dream about moving to Borneo or something like it.

    Noir Epices is kind of a failure as a spicy scent, and I didn´t liked it until I started to think of it as an orange scent.

    I had a sample of Caravelle Epicee, but it never "clicked" with me.

  3. I've tested this in Liberty (London) and just fell in love with it ..it's def on my list!!