onsdag 27 januari 2010

M.Micallef - Pomelos

At first I wasn´t that impressed with M. Micallef´s Pomelos. I was about to dismissed it as a fruity-floral, but then I detected an interesting note in it. I haven´t find any list of notes for Pomelos, just a remark that it is fruity and it is.

The top note starts with juicy, rather sweet citrus fruits, where it´s hard to smell any certain citrus. The citus blends with floral notes and I think it is violet and jasmine, but the citrus note still is dominating. After a while the citrus fade away and are followed by a sweet and nice appel note, but with the florals still there. It is about now the fun part is starting.

Accept of flowers and fruits I can smell a soft note of hay. It is hidden beneath all the flowers and fruits, but gives the scent a warm, aromatic, comfy and a little different framing. The scent reminds of an idealised late summer meadow, with the back against an old apple tree. And from somewhere there is a faint lipstick note emerges. Maybe it´s a mix between violet and roses, I´m not sure, but the lipstick note is as prominent as the hay note.

Still Pomelos is pretty much a fruity-floral that would please a lot of people, where some of them maybe even wont notice the hay-and lipstick notes. The hay note is really pleasant, it make Pomelos to a warm, aromatic scent that would be so much more boring without it. The lipstick note is a bit strange though, I kind of like it, but still it seem not to fit in so well. On the other hand, now I´ve get used to it and I think Pomelos would smell rather empty without it.

Even with the violets, Pomelos isn´t a powdery scent, it´s more warm, dry and aromatic filled with flowers and fruit. The apples become more like dried apples after a while and I also think I can smell other dried fruits as plums and apricots. There is also a strange hightuned, clear almost minty note in Pomelos. Well, you can figure it out, it is a blend with a little this and a little that.

I find Pomelos to be all over the place, but at the same time, that is what making it interesting. Pomelos is sweet, but not too sweet, the sillage is noticable and the staying power is rather good.

Pic: Secco-under-the-apple-tree

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  1. I've fallen madly in love with SL "Arabie" with all it's yummy dried-fruits-and-nuts construction. So, after hating the thought of all fruit in perfume, now I want all my scents to smell like dried fruit!! I love you blog because you talk about so many perfumes I've never even *heard* of-- but it's so frustrating!! When will I ever smell this?

  2. The left Coast Nose: In Pomelos the dried fruit note isn´t as prominent as in Arabie (but what is???). But when you remind me it is a little like a -very- soft and pretty blend between Arabie and Douce Amere (which probably makes it sounds better than it is?).

    I will have a drawing for one M.Micallef mini bottle soon, so maybe you´ll be the happy winner. :)

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  4. I am wondering if this perfume is actually based on Pomelo, the fruit? I love that smell - L'Occitane used to have a scent called Cedrat Pomelo. A wonderful tart citrus scent.