måndag 4 januari 2010

I want more flowers!

Usually I like oriental, spicy, woody perfumes with some gourmand notes from time to time. But still, I can wear a lot of other perfumes also, light, fresh, easy, aquatic, clean and soft perfumes. And of course i am also found of floral perfumes. But, what I use the most (and has always used) is different kinds of oriental perfumes.

There fore this last month have take me by surprise since I have been craving florals since mid-december. And I talk about those grand, colourful and saturated florals, no little shy one´s here.

Carnal Flower, Iris Poudre, Tocade, Lolita Lempicka, Alien, yes they are the florals I like even usually, but now I want them so much and often.

Strangely enough this obsession occurs at the same time as the snowy weather. It start snowing here just before the middle of december and usually we don´t have true winter weather here until late january or even february.

But I suspect that my longing for flwers will go away when the snow melts? Or what do you think? Have you encountered some strange perfume onsession some time? Some perfumes that don´t really fits into your earlier perfume taste? I know pregnancies can mess your olfactory sense really bad, but this isn´t the cause here for sure.

Well, now I will go sniffing my LAST drops of Carnal Flower on my wrist.

Pic: Ashy MacBean.com

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  1. I've also had a major killer-flower craving this year, and i don't know why. It certainly came on with the cold weather, but I've never had that craving in winter before.

    So I have no explanation, but I'm also waiting to see if the craving survives warm weather, or if I'll be left with three (it'll probably be three by then, maybe four, possibly five) killer white floral bottles that I no longer use.

  2. I did have cravings for spicy, oriental, warm scents in the end of summer. Now I have cravings for citruses and light florals, even ozonic notes. And from time to time I have an unexplainable craving for tobacco and cigarette smoke, which I satisfy by standing next to a smoker although I don't smoke.

  3. ChickenFreak: I know for sure that I got to have more of Carnal Flower. Then there is others I think I will need more of like now, but I will wait and see if my obsession remains. It is strange since usually I wear orientals like 6-8 times of 10 I wear perfume, and then florals 1-2 of 10 and other scents 1-2 out of ten, but now it has been the other way around for a month.

  4. solocha: That was also quite strange. What do you think of tobacco and smokey notes in perfumes? Besides of the florals I have used ByKilians Back To Black a lot during autumn/winter... it is so comfy and full-bodied.

  5. I know this makes me odd-woman-out, but I can take or leave flowers in my perfume. (I wonder if that's really true-- if EVERY perfume on earth were stripped of all floral notes, would I be happy about that? Probably not...)
    But I love spices and ambers and woods-- floral perfumes start smelling all a lot alike in a hurry to me.
    And @Solocha-- I'm just the opposite-- I love to smoke (on occasion) but can't stand other people's second-hand smoke!

  6. The Left Coast Nose: Before I get obsessed by perfumes, my usual perfumes where as for from florals as possible. But I learn to appreciate floral scents more and more, and I kind of admire a really great floral more than a really great oriental since I usually are easier to impresse with orientals. But generally I can´t get enough of amber, wood, spices, musk, and such things in my perumes. :)

  7. Rebella: I haven't tried many niche perfumes with smoke notes or tobacco, I don't know is Magie Noire counts, but I love this one. I just tried N.Morriss's Gotham, Burnt Amber and Cathedral and I liked the first and the last but Burnt Amber was too much - I guess if the smoke note is very intensive I won't be able to bear it. I like flowery notes with only a slight subtone of tobacco or smoke.
    The Left Coast Nose: I also usually can't stand other people smoking near me, that is 90 per cent of time, but if I have that craving - I have to stand next to my boyfriend smoking and inhale...

  8. I'm typically a floral girl, with frequent forays into florientals. I have more rose scent samples than I know what to do with! But last fall I wanted orientals in a way I'd never wanted them before. I lived in Shalimar Light, Organza Indecence, Emeraude... and fell SO HARD for Sonoma Scent Studio's amazing Tabac Aurea that my head's still spinning. Over the last couple of weeks, though, I'm craving tuberose. I don't want light summery florals, I want big heady diva white flowers... ahh. So I'm dragging out all my old bottles of Chloe and Tatiana and Sand & Sable, and (blush) Giorgio, as well as the new samples of ELPC Tuberose Gardenia, Carnal Flower, and all the tuberose things I can get my hands on. I've always loved the note, and I don't think I'll tire of it, although I think these cravings go in cycles.