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Histoires de Parfums - 1889 Moulin Rouge

Maybe Histoires de Parfums don´t need any closer presentation? Anyhow, it´s a French perfume house that have chose to interpret a historical year and/or a historical person in many of their perfumes, but they also offers "non-historical" perfumes. Among the historical scents, 1740 Marquis de Sade has been mine and my husbands favourite. Among the "non-historical", I found Vert Pivoine to be really pleasant.

Histoire de Parfums offers a nice sample pack on their homepage http://www.histoiresdeparfums.com/1-6296-NEW-INDEX.php
And the price is great, 5 euro + 5 euro for shipping. It´s a bargain. Unfortunatly I don´t think their newest scents are included. There is one thing I find a little sad when it comes to Histoires de parfums and that is thier big bottles. 120 ml and that is much to much, no matter how good i think for instant Marquis de Sade is. The price, however is reasonable for such a big bottle.
Well, now it seem they are about to offer a travel pack with 3 x 14 ml (?) and I also think you can chose free which three scents to be included. The price seem to be around 80-90 euro, which is ok I think and I allready know which scents I would chose for my travel pack!

Well, back to the point. Histoires de Parfums have released four new scents, three of them with tuberose as a common theme: Virginale, Animale and Capricieuse. And the fourth: 1889 Moulin Rouge, the one I am going to write about today. I don´t think Moulin Rouge needs any closer presentation either? Moulin Rouge is the cabaret och the cabarets. Moulin Rouge open it´s doors 1889, and was celebrating 120 year anniversary last year.

And the perfume? Oh la la. Since I´ve got my samples from Histoires de Parfums I´ve walked around in a content, happy and light euphoria. Yes, it is so good! So good!

1889 Moulin Rouge isn´t a loud, sparkling, high-tuned, sexy or dominating perfume. No, I find it to be more of Moulin Rouge before the show. The helpers are cleaning and the bartender are dishing and polishing the glasses, the show girls drops in one by one, the mood is rising slowly but steadily. One of the girls drinks a glass of champagne and another ask for a small glass of absinth from the bartender, and the third of them starts to put her make-up on. There is anticipation and excitement in the air, but at the same time routin, they do what they have done several times before.

All the notes in 1889 Moulin Rouge are transcluent, suggested and thin. It is like different scented veils slowely slides apart. The top note is fruity sweet, but also close to aquatic and with a bitter note from asbinthe preventing it from being to sweet. Powdery, but whispering notes of iris are also present, soon it will part up with a most delicate and transcluent rose note I´ve ever encountered in perfume. Together they manage to create a scent of make-up, but more sensed then concrete. Like a mix between Frederic Malle´s Lipstick Rose and Parfumerie Generale´s Lounges Profanes, but in water colors.

The kind of distant notes give 1889 Moulin Rouge a very retro feeling, but at the same time this is a very, very modern perfume. There are a lot of opposites in 1889 Moulin Rouge, but they get along just fine. Powdery with aquatic. Sweet with bitter. Citrus-champagne bubbly with something slightly creamy and gourmand. The lightest spiciness from cinnamon with soft floral notes from iris and rose. In my nose, 1889 Moulin Rouge is a masterpiece!

1889 Moulin Rouge makes me feel beautiful, youthful, energetic, happy, adventurous and filled with anticipation. Yes, there is like I am waiting for something. But what? But of course, a perfume like 1889 Moulin Rouge surely needs a diva, a stunningly beautiful women waiting to take place on stage. But, there isn´t any in 1889 Moulin Rouge, this is not a scent that wears you, this is not a dominant, radiant scent that take over and leave you standing in the shadow with only a single line or two.

No, you´re the one wearing 1889 Moulin Rouge, you realise slowly, that the diva the scent is waiting for is you. You become that stunningly beautiful diva, when you´re wearing 1889 Moulin Rouge. This is a magical, fantastic scent, that takes you for a trip behind the scene of the worlds most famous cabaret... Moulin Rouge...

Magnifico! Fantastico! This is the one I want!

If it wasn´t for the fact that at least one of the tuberose-scents is at least as good!

Pic: Flickr, modelux

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