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D.S & Durga - Orris Root

Happy New Year everyone! To you there in Kuwait and Venezuela, and to you in Morocco and Russia, and all of you guys in the US! Nice to see you all, and as you might have notice I´ve got me a flag counter and it is so much fun to see all the visitors from so many different countries here.

Orris root is the root from the flower iris. The root have been in use since the antique, both medical and cosmetic. Now it is almost only used in perfumes. It´s a time consuming process to make perfume from the root and the final result is very expensive. As a scent, orris root smells like violets, but also iris, soil, root vegetables (carrot, but also parsnip), sweetness and powder.

It was a while ago I first tried Orris Root from D.S & Durga, but even though I liked it I could n´t really write about it. So I have left my little sample alone, until yesterday evening when i decided to try it again. It is so much fun when i try a perfume again, and realise that now I am capable of experience it, analyse it, smell it and of course, hopefully manage to make it justice when I write about it.

Orris Root begins with a violet explosion. This isn´t a shy wiolet hidning in the forrest, no this is a giant violet in macro, you know... VIOLET!!!!! My sample isn´t a spray sample, so the top note settles quite fast and become softer and more complex, yes actaully really complex and interesting.

The smell of violet is still there, but together with soft, powdery iris, moist soil and newly harvested root vegetables. There is no doubt about that it is the smell of a root I can feel, but at the same time it is like the smell of a underground flower. Well, there isn´t anything like a underground flower, since all flowers strive towards light and air. In Serge Luten´s Iris Silver Mist you can also find the scent of carrots and soil, but I don´t find it so pleasant (even though I know I should try it again). D.S & Durga´s Orris Root is all together a pleasant experience.

It is like wandering through underground passages, but not through caves, more like passages digged through soil and roots. Strange flowers and plants are decorating the passages walls. Flowers like the one above, but it is of course not a flower, but a mineral deposit you can find in caves, known as gypsum flowers.

The heart notes of Orris Root is really beautiful, but also amazing and complex. The different scent aspects of the root alternate to dominate. In the base the scent turns more powdery, soft and with discrete scent of both violet and iris. Orris Root has great lasting power on me, and the sillage is also quite strong considering I only dabbed it on.

It would be really fun and interesting to try Orris Root together with other perfumes with orris root as a dominating note. Do you have any favourite orris scent? And how should I manage to get closer to Iris Silver Mist?

Pic: John N Agnew

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