tisdag 19 januari 2010

Confessions of a perfume snob.

Maybe I should change name on my blog? To "Confessions of a perfume snob" instead? I have thought a little about this lately. I chose to call myself a perfume nerd, because I think of myself as a quite nerdy person over all, not only when it comes to perfumes.

To be a nerd can even sound a little cute, someone that is so much into something and very entusiastic about it. Like me with perfumes...

Perfumista sounds a little more edgy and sharp, and like someone going hand in hand with the fashionista, and that is as far away from me as it is possible to get. And as little as I care about current trends, as little do I care and know about current best sellers in perfumes. Or up till know, I just checked up the most best selling perfumes (in Sweden) and except of the Carolina Gynning perfumes, I think the top list could be very similar almost all over the (western)world.

Kicks top lis:
1) D&G 3 L'Impératrice Edt
Fresh Blossom Edp
3) Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
4) Carolina Gynning Go Girl Edt
5) Britney Spears Fantasy Edp

Åhlens top list:
1) Carolina Gynning Go Girl Edt
2) DKNY Fresh Blossom
3) Lancome Hypnose Senses
4) DKNY Be Delicious
5) Britney Spears Fantasy

And, you know what, I have only tried one of those perfumes (Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy)! I have totally no idea about what perfumes "ordinary" women wears. Imagine when they are looking for a swedish perfume blog, and find me and all they want to know is a little
more about Britney Spears latest scent, and they find all the strange and odd perfume that I write about that no one never heard of and never want to hear of either!

This isn´t something that I am alone about among perfume bloggers. I belive that most perfume bloggers also wrote about strange nicheperfumes about 70-80% of the time. As far as I know there isn´t any perfume blogger dedicated to mainstream-and best selling perfumes. The kind of perfumes easy to get in almost every small town all over the globe. And well, that makes me feel a little snobbish. Sorry!

I probably should pay a visit to Åhlens some day soon and try those perfumes on the list. I can as well try every Britney Spears scent while I´m at it. There isn´t any Kicks in our little town, so that have to wait until I visit Norrköping.

And at the same time, I sit here and wait for something so absoluty out there when it comes to perfumes, that I should be embarresed to even mention it... *innocent smile*

Pic: Carolina Gynning, a Swedish celebrity, now with her own perfume. She is similiar in style (Style? Really, or appearance) to Victoria Silvstedt, Heidi (from The Hills) or Jordan (English model).

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  2. I don't think it's being snobbish to like well-made perfumes!! It's just like anything else-- books, movies, wine, lots of things-- there's a huge market for people who just consume these things without thinking much about them, and then there's niche stuff for people who want to try something a little-- let's not say "better"-- let's just say different. And let's face it-- 95% of scent out there is boring!!

    BTW--I like the "Nerd" name, but that's just me...)

  3. The Left Coast Nose: Usually I am a little different in taste not only when it comes to perfumes. But still, sometimes i feel like I just forget about all the ordinary scents that people all over likes a lot... and I don´t even bother to sniff them at the local store.

    And I will keep the nerd name, it is more me than snob anyway. :)

  4. amazing picture and article also good..