tisdag 26 januari 2010

M.Micallef - Patchouli

I am very found of Gaiac from M.Micallef and that has made me curious about other scents from Martine Micallef. Now when I have test some more of them i have to admit that the brand seem to be somewhat uneven, some scents are nice and pretty (nothing wrong with that, but not really what I am looking for) while some scents are really something special.

I even find out that M.Micallef have a retailer in Sweden when looking for information about their scents. http://www.revivekliniken.com/ They also offer perfumes from Creed.

I´ve got some samples from Revivekliniken and Patchouli become my favourite among them. There is no secret that I usually have a softspot for patchouli in perfumes.

Unfortunatly I think the name Patchouli can put off some people from try it, since patchouli after all is a difficult note for some. But if I had to recommend a patchouli scent to a patchouli skeptic, I could very well recommend M.Micallef´s Gaiac. This happens to be a very special patchouli scent...

The top note starts with some vague, foggy patchouli note that soon follows with violet leafs. And violet leafs can change a lot when it comes to perfumes. In this case, it´s give the patchouli a very soft, comfy powdery scent. Patchouli + powder can it get much better? Well yes, the patchouli isn´t only aromatic and woody, but also earthy, with little plants, roots and minerals.

It is like lying down on the forest floor in a deep and shadowy forest. But, it never gets that kind of dirty, mushy or strange. It is like a idealised version, there are all the most pleasant scents, but leaving the strange one´s, like mushrooms, maggots and rotting leaves. And that´s fine with me.

The powdery note makes the scent interesting, but also a bit odd. It´s like strolling around in the forest with a fairy princess dress in sher violet organza. And why not? maybe you just feel like being a wild forest princess some day. Or the other way around, like attending your "Auntie Posh" tea party with dirty boots and a worn out sweater. And it is just those contradictions in Patchouli that make it so interesting and personal.

I guess I like it almost as much as Giac, even though they are quite different from each other. And it has become a patchouli favourite. Some time I am in the mood for those killer-patchoulis like Serge Luten´s Borneo 1834 or Bois 1920s Real patchouli, but sometime I want a more subtle patchouli, then it is very possible that I will reach for M.Micallefs Patchouli.

Usually M.Micallefs scents are quite sweet and with gourmand elements. Patchouli isn´t a exception, this is quite sweet. On me, Micallef´s scents don´t become too sweet, but I´ve heard people mention that.

The violet leafs slowly dissapears in patchouli, but not the powdery sweetness. Labdanum and vanilla brings a nice, creamy background to the drydown. Patchouli has a very good staying power and is a little louder when it comes to sillage than Gaiac.

If you like patchouli, you must try this one. And I do recommend it even if you´re a little skeptic, since it is such a nice, powdery and feminine patchouli.

Pic: forest-floor-ben-kiger

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  1. This sounds alot like Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Vintage Patchouly which I love !
    I must try it , thank you for the lovely review .

  2. i will also must be try this.. thanks for sharing this with us...

  3. waftbyCarol: I haven´t tried that. Honestly, I have only tried about a coupple of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz scents, but I am interested in them.

    Patchouli is so nice and comfy. :)

  4. womens perfumes: I really hope you´ll like it. :)