onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Sinfonia di Note - Coeur de Noisette

There are some perfumes not reminding of anything else I´ve tried in perfumes. When I´m in the mood to wear some of those scents there isn´t anything else I could wear that remind me of those. L'Artisan´s Bois Farine is one, Frederic Malle´s Lipstick Rose is another, as well as Lann-Ael from Lostmarch and Approdo from Profumi di Pantelleria. I´m sure there even more, but I can´t remember them right now. But for now, I think about Sinfonia di Note´s Coeur de Noisette.

This far, I´ve only tried two perfumes from Sinfonia di Note, one of them Amande Suree do smell really good, but remind me of a soft and more sofisticated version of Hypnotic Poison. I am also very curious about their Saveur d'Artichaut, but haven´t come around to try it yet. It´s inspired by artichokes and I think it sounds very interesting.

I think it´s usually very pleasant with nutty notes in perfume. But often I think it´s not pure nutiness, but nutiness drowned in some sort of booze. Probably there is something in boozy notes that strenghten and make the nutty notes lasting longer? But, honestly I don´t want to go around smelling Amaretto every time I am wanting nutty.

Well, you pretty much avoid that with Coeur de Noisette. This is about the purest, smothest and most creamy hazelnut spread you can think of. Imagine milled goldy roasted hazelnuts, a hint of delicate vanilla, butter and a little sprinkle of powder sugar. That´s how Coeur de Noisette smells like. Not the most complex scent around, but I´ve never encountered anything like it.

Yes, this is straight up gourmand, but never to sweet, heavy or sticky. No you are vrapped up in a cloud of heavenly hazelnuts. And yes, this is an extremly longlasting scent with a great sillage.

If you like the smell of nuts, I sincerly recommend you to try Coeur de Noisette.

Pic: Hazelnuts, wikimedia

2 kommentarer:

  1. You got me! I'll try to get a sample, sounds as a VERY interesting fragrance!


  2. F_A: Yes, I hope you can get hold of a sample, it´s a really nice, comfy and creamy hazelnut scent.
    TPC have good pricing on decants of it now.