torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Comme des Garcons - Daphne

I almost tought that I would like Comme des Garcons new scent Daphne as much as By Kilian´s Back to Black, but no.

I think it smells horrible. At least the first hours. And it smell so strange I would almost suspect that it was something wrong with my sample, but I doubt that.

Happy and curious I am about to try Daphne for the first time, dab on a few drops and... Waits... sniffs... and... uuuueeeh? Well, ok there is a quite likeable citrus scent there but it is pretty much covered by a smell of slightly rancid deep frying oil. Right, Comme des Garcons Daphne smells of rancid deep frying oil! I think it´s really strange and suspect there must be something wrong with my sense of smell. Ask the husband and he smell my wrist and goes... Uuuuh, sorry but I think it smells like rancid butter, he says, is it some kind of cheap perfume oil? I wish, but no, it is a expensive perfume actually.

Everyone I ask think it smells rancid on me. After about half an hour I can almost sense a beautiful scent of orange covered tuberose, sorry enough also totally covered with rancid oil that also turned into something like melting plastic. This is really, really bad. I could have washed it off, but still to curious about what to come and after all, it doesn´t smell any worse than working in the kitchen at a fast food restaurant (without getting paid tough).

Daphne is shortly speaking a very frustrating olfactory experience. After about 3-4 hours the orange-tuberose starting to overpowering the oil and plastic, even tough I can smell the oil thing trough out the perfume. Daphne is extremly long-lasting and after about 12 hours it smells really good on me. The basenote is very warm, rich, pretty, sensual and exciting. But not worth waiting for tough.

I guess that Daphne don´t mixes well with my skinchemistry. Probably it smells really good on most people. But really, try before you buy! I am a little envious with the people that Daphne smells good on.

Well, that wasn´t a positive review was it? And I´ve got more to come, another dissapointing experience was Parfums d'Empire´s Wazamba. But more about that another day.

Pic: Palace chinese

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