torsdag 15 oktober 2009

AbdesSalam Attar - Tasneem

In Jet Li´s movie Hero there are scenes so beautiful that I become breathless. The last time I watched it, together wiith my family, I guess it was a coupple of years ago. Some where in the middle of the movie I realised that there wasn´t anybody eating snacks or fighting over the candies or have to leave the room, no the entire family (including two teenagers) was orderly watching the movie in total silence. It was like all of us just sat there and savor the beauty, the magnificent, the fragile and the adventure that the movie succeed to convey.

And this wasn´t even the first time we saw it, well the smallest haven´t seen it before, but...

Alright, there is showmanship and even a bit silly when they´re flying around fighting, but I can disregard from that, because parts of the movie is so beautiful it is on the border to magic. In my opinion a movie with that beautiful scenes woudn´t need a story, I would be content anyway!

When I try AbdesSalam Attar´s perfume Tasneem (wich mean warrior poet) I think about the movie Hero. At least I know wich perfume to wear next time I see it.

If I think Hindu Kush is a totally gorgeous perfume, Tasneem could be even better! Tasneem manage to live up to it´s name. This is contrarous notes in a swirling dance. Flowers (jasmine and ylang ylang) kind of lined with vibrant notes of cinnamon, but just the smallest glimpse of it. Inside of the floral, spicy and creamy I smell strokes of animalic, almost dirty leathery notes giving the perfume an edge and a deepth.

I don´t know if it´s an armour of leather covering the soft, vulnerable and white that´s hiding inside? Or if it´s the other way around, a soft, white, innocent and feminine surface with a hard, strong inner core? I guess it´s up to the wearer to decide.

Yes, it is like Tasneem is a very complex perfume that can be interpreted in many different ways. There´s no doubt about that Tasneem is perfume as art. And apart from a lot of other art perfumes Tasneem manage to be beautiful, easy to wear and cozy all the time trough. There isn´t any phase where I sit and wonder if I really like this perfume, as is the case with so many other artful perfumes. Tasneem is beauty, soul, strenght and poetry from the beginning to the end.

Among the one´s I´ve tried from AbdesSalam Attar, Hindu Kush and Tasneem are magnificent and stunning perfumes, but the others; Mona Lisa, Night Blossom, Persona and Alaacho are also really good, even tough in the shadow of Hindu Kush and Tasneem in my opinion. I am sure some would like them as much as Hindu Kush and Tasneem.

Generallt speaking, I would say that AbdesSalam Attar is anything but modern, trendy perfumery it´s traditional, eastern and unique perfume making. The creator behind AbdesSalam Attar´s perfumes are Dominique Dubrana, and in my nose he is a really talented perfumer, on the border to magician.

Don´t miss the perfumes from AbdesSalam Attar!

Pic: From Jet Li´s movie Hero

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  1. This sounds very interesting. Where did you acquire it? Can it be ordered online? Because I am pretty sure I won't be able to find it here. :(

  2. rebella to Ines: I ordered my samples trough The Perfumed Court.

  3. I really liked your review, congrats!

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