lördag 24 oktober 2009

Givenchy - Organza Indecence

Some perfumes are light, others are discrete and wears close to the skin, while some are transparente and airy and of course there´s also a lot of perfumes that are very noticeable. One of those are Organza Indecence.

This is one of those perfumes that enters a room before you do. You will get noticed if you chose to wear Organza Indecence. Probably, that´s the reason you chose it! When sitting here a grey october day in a cloud of Organza Indecence I feel kind of shattered. Sure, I think it smells good, but not so right for this occation.

Where is the catwalk? Or the red carpet? Or that supermega gorgeus party? Where are my party clothes in wich I will make entré like a shining peacock? Where are the men that will offer to light my cigarettes (even if I don´t smoke)? My satin gloves? My Hollywood-hair cut and dark red lipstick? Well, you get it. All that kind of stuff is really far away from where I am in front of the computer!

Organza Indecence is so loud, demanding and attention seeking that I am afraid that a very shy, timid and beige kind of person could very well be scared to death if spraying on some Organza Indecence by mistake. So... be warned!

Well, I happen to like it anyway. Even tough the top notes are kind of plastic on me. Besides that Organza Indecence is a really funny mix between Dior´s Hypnotic Poison and Shiseido´s Feminite Du Bois. Hypnotic Poison is a little more childish and maybe happier, and feminite Du Bois is way more elegant and classy, but still there are similarities. I wonder if I use Feminite Du Bois and Hypnotic Poision at once, if I wouldn´t end up with something quite like Organza Indecence?

Organza Indecence is something to wear when you want to have really fun at a party! A true mood lifter, but also a little slutty.

Stays on for a very long time and a huge sillage. A magnificent but at the same time a little clumpsy perfume experience, and I think that very young people can find a bit dated.

Pic: Red bubbles.com

2 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations, very beautiful review ;)

  2. hello rebella!i've been following your blog!
    beautiful review of my favourite perfume.
    on the other hand, there is a certain elegance about indecence, it makes you feel like a million dollars even when you are wearing your oldest flannel pyjamas!
    dolce vita by dior is also very similar i find.