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Etat Libre d'Orange - Putain des Palaces

As you know by now I usually enjoy powdery, soft and feeling pink kind of perfumes. Etat Libre d'Orange´s Putain des Palaces isn´t any exception. As a matter of fact, it´s one of my favourites.

A lot of perfumes in this cathegory has without doubt a pink feel, but what kind of pink can differ a lot. It can be salmon pink and skittering soft as vintage underwear, warm pink and fluffy as a feather boa or maybe baby pink and caressing like an angora sweater.

Putain des Palaces is without doubt, for me, skin coloured pink. Warm, soft and almost downy... and there are few perfumes that I´ve tried that has been as filled with body as Putain des Palaces. And, honestly, it isn´t a very clean, nude body either. Maybe not overly dirty, more of warm, even sweaty and yes, I don´t really know how to put this, but it´s a body still warm from bed after a night filled with intense, sweaty, violent, consuming and satisfying sex. Oh well! For me, Putain des Palaces is erotics changed into perfume.

I could have wrote porno, but it feel to genuin, to sweaty, to full-bodied and close to be porno.

Etat Libre d'Orange won´t hesitate to provoke and according to their description Putain des Palaces is about buying a prostitute at a hotell for a night of anonymous sex, prostitutes working at a hotell aka Putain des Palaces. For me that only evoke a cold and lonely feeling, and I think Putain des Palaces is a much to warm, tender and gentle scent for that cold description.

Now there is so much more about Putain des Palaces than body odour, there are soft, almost dusty flowres like rose, lily-of-the-walley and violet. A note of almond chime in, and makes the heartnotes powdery, feminine and almost innocent. The body note doesn´t show up until later, and overall it´s a pretty, pleasant experience until then. I can guess some will think of it as too perfumery and even old-fashioned and/or dated. It is soft, but at the same time strong and powerfull in a way making me suspect headache if overdosed. So apply with care!

Anyway the body odour shows up in the base and what a lift! From unmodern it goes to avant-garde, erotics and lots and lots of leather! And body! Never forget that Etienne de Swardt, the man behind Etat Libre D'Orange is a funny guy that likes to have fun. The perfumes can be provocative, strange and rebellious, but most of all, they are funny! Yes, Putain des Palaces is also funny, you don´t have to take it to serious. There´s a lot of charm and joy going on.

I do like Etat Libre d'Orange even tough I don´t get all of their perfumes or even understand how it´s possible to sell even a single bottle of some of them!? They stir around a little, and once in a while maybe that´s required. Despite wath you might think about the company marketing, a lot of their perfumes are well worth trying. All I´ve tried from them are strong, longlasting and with great sillage. You get a lot of perfume for the money.

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