måndag 5 oktober 2009

By Kilian - Back To Black

Back To Black is the first perfume from By Kilian that I´ve tried. Honestly, I can´t afford to fell in love with perfumes that costs that much. But, I was so curious about Back To Balck so I had to order a sample from TPC anyway!

And what is it to say? Ooooooh, it is truly amazing! Much TO amazing! Because this perfume is irresistible, what ever the price is, I do need more of it.

The scent itself rests on a bed of aromatic tobacco and the darkest possible honey. It´s saturated, full-bodied, sweet, rich, some briskness but never suffocating, to sweet or sticky. Only the tobacco and honey make it to a perfect fragrance now when darkness, cold and grey weather is around the corner.

It´s like the tobacco and honey is a surface that reflects the other notes. Now and then some of the other notes shines trough, little glimpses of incense, cardamom, rapberry(!), tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla and noble wood. When my olfactory sense recognise the scent of velvety soft dark insence lingering around it is at once followed by a burst of bright red raspberry sweetness and there after a brush of golden, glowing wood and some almost medical notes and a little softspoken chamomille...

Back To Black is like a black base with a constantly changing stream of patterns floating by on the surface, like oil spill on water. It´s utterly fascinating, but never restless or chaotic, the little changes are subtle and anytime I like I can just sit back and enjoy the soft, calming base of tobacco and honey.

I dare to suggest that everyone would feel a little more beautiful, mysterious and exciting with By Kilian´s Back To Black. While my days have been filled with Hindu Kush, I´ve put on Back To Black after dinner. It is a evening perfume, and even if I think it smells incredible good, it doesn´t evoke any olfactory trips with me. Not until I sleep...

And yes, Back To Black is extremly longlasting, a few drops early evening last good enough until I wake up next morning. And it is a little to sensual to be calming, but at the same time so comfy that I can sleep with it, but it give me so strange dreams...

Now and then I dream about perfume, but there is very rare that a scent follows me to my dreams. Of the very few perfumes manage to do that, Back To Black is now one of them. I fell to sleep and Back To Black lingers trough my dreams making them chaotic, shattered but still kind of nice, not at all nightmares. Anyway, I don´t at all feel like re-apply Back To Black when I wake up.

I noticed Back To Black are sold out at TPC, and belive me I really understand why!

I´ve thought about writing about more perfumes that I don´t really like. I write so rich and imaginative about perfumes that I like, they don´t have to be absolutly the top best, but something in them that differs them from the rest at least. But there are also perfumes differs from the rest at the other side of the scale. Yesterday I´ve tried an interesting scent from CdG namely Daphne... and no way it was love at first sniff!

At the same time I feel kind of evil writing bad thing about a perfume that a skilled perfumer have worked with for a long time, a perfume other people really like. perfumes are after all one of my biggest interest and I like to approach them with respect, aren´t people evil enough allready in the bloggosphere?

What do you think? Shall I continue to be nice, positive and not mention all the perfumes I´ve tried that I not like or almost hate? Belive me, an olfactory disaster can be as interesting to write about as an olfactory masterpiece.

Pic: 2004, Woody Thrower

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