tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Parfum D'empire - Wazamba

Take a look at the pic above, at first I thought it was nice, but after a short while I was unsecure about it. What is it? Well, I guess there´s plenty of room for different explanations and angles. It looks the nicest from a little distant. When I´m looking up close it makes me think about intestines, brown maggots and other not entirely pleasant things.

When I tried Parfum D'empire´s Wazamba for the first time, I was at once impressed by and in love with the top note. It was a totally different experience, so hightuned, crispy, saturated, aromatic and there was a lot of impressions hard to describe as well. Oh, I´m going to love this one! Well, at least I thought so for about a minute.

The high tuned and crispy was gone with the wind and instead there was some pleasant woody notes, and some citruses, still pretty nice, but not amazingly nice. And not at all, when I started to sniff it closer. I discovered that sour-brisk note I am having so much trouble with in perfumes! If I could only figuring out what note it is!

I´ve encountered it in different perfumes. First off was Nasomatto´s China White, then it was in another perfume from Parfums D'empire, Eau de Gloire, as well as in Profumum Roma´s Santalo and Calé Fragranze D'Autore´s Assolo. Probably in a lot of other perfumes I can´t remember also.

Is it about a note going sour on me? Or is it a unlucky combo of notes in some perfumes? Guess if I want´s to know. Maybe it´s just my skin chemistry bringing in front the worst in other perfectly nice perfumes?

Wazamba become so sour, brisk and sticky on me it was close I had to wash it off. It was so close to making me headachy and ill. And still, I could sense a amazingly nice and even more, an very interesting scent under the sour surface.

Now I am wearing Wazamba once again, and unfortunatly I don´t find the opening as interesting as the first time, but on the other hand the sour and brisk notes aren´t as prominent either. From a distant Wazamba is precisely as strange, aromatic, warm and adventourus as I would hope. It wake my imagination and makes me think about strange surreal treetrunks, human footprints in desert sand, African rituals and masques. Wazamba is said to be an African music instrument even tough I can´t find it anywhere, Wazamba do fit to strange, ryhtmic African music.

As long as I am on distance from it! As soon as I´m closing in, Wazamba becomes as dubious as the pic above. So even if I can partly agree with it, it become to much to wear in the long run. After all, I prefer perfumes that makes me sit with my nose attached to my wrist, not the other way around!

Have you tried Wazamba and experienced it in a totally different way? Please tell me about it. And if someone have a clue about wich notes that is turning so hopelessly sour-brisk on me, please help me find out. Do you have some horror notes, that you typically avoid?

Pic: Flower duet, Lakme

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