söndag 18 oktober 2009

Profumum Roma - Thundra

Since I am born and raised less than 150 km from the northern arctic circle elks, reindeers, cloud berries, vast forest- and marshlands and winding dirtroads was totally common during my childhood. As well as the snow was covering the landscape from late october until beginning of may and that the lakes was ice covered until the second half of may. I have at several occations pointed out the lack of perfumes inspired by that landscape, a type of nature covering major parts of the north hemisphere and also parts of the southern.

No way I want to move back to northern Sweden, but I would enjoy a perfume with a vaguely Nordic scent, at least the days I am homesick and got cloud berry cravings.

Profumum Roma´s Thundra offers, if not northern cloud berry marshes, at least a scent featuring northern barren land, coldness and still very aromatic. Thundra has something in common with Serge Luten´s Borneo 1834. Both of them are strong, powerful and patchouli dominated perfumes. But if Borneo 1§834 is the scent of distant East Asian islands, Thundra is the scent of patchouli, as it would smell if it was growing in Siberia, Alaska and the North calotte. If you can imaging the smell of Arctic patchouli, you can almost guess how Thundra smells like.

The cool in Thundra comes from mint, a mint note that never actually smells minty, but gives a chilly, cool and refreshing base to the patchouli. Thundra has an obvious patchouli scent, but at the same time a very strange and different patchouli scent. Of course there isn´t any cloud berries or alpine birches in Thundra, but still it smell very northern to me.

Usually I prefer warm perfumes before cold, but once in a while it is very pleasant to to wear something that smells both familiar and strange at the same time. Profumum Roma´s Thundra manage to do that. It could be a perfect patchouli scent for those of you that find patchouli to be to cloying, strong, heavy and overly orientalic. This is hightuned, clear and chilly patchouli, and pretty much a different take on patchouli.

Thundra is an unisex scent, and I think it´s very, very pleasant on both me and my husband. Lasting power is excellent as with most perfumes from Profumum Roma. The sillage is noticeable and the base is a reliable continuation of the top-and heart notes, wich isn´t always the case with Profumum Roma´s fragrances. Actually, the price is the only thing I can complain about.

Pic: Tundra, upperschoolpeeler

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