måndag 19 oktober 2009

Autumn favourites, this far...

Am I the only one that thinks the autumn have just begin? Or that summer really shouldn´t have end allready? It´s strange that the autumn take me with surprise every year, at this point I should be used to it.

Anyway, the autumn, at least until mid october is a cozy time of year, clear and sunny days and dark, cozy evenings. The forest is glowing of colours and the air is crispy and clean. Just in a coupple of weeks it will become the grey autumn season, and it will go on pretty much until next spring, since there isn´t any real winter (like in WINTER) here in Sörmland (middle of Sweden)

I´ve got some favourites during september and first half of october. When the autumn turn colder, greyer and more wet I usually change my taste in perfumes a little. But here is ten favourites this far, in no certain order.

By Kilian, Back to Black, I use to write that I can drink some perfumes, By Kilian´s Back To Black I could drown in an still be contempt. The problem is that it´s quite challenging to drown in a coupple of ml of perfume.

Profumi Pantelleria, Approdo, Not to drown in, but to wrap yourself up in when the days a grey.

M. Micallef, Gaiac, Cozy, warm, golden and totally gorgeus.

Korres, Pepper, Jasmine, Gaiac, Passion Fruit, warm, sweet, happy and very enjoyable.

AbdesSalam, Hindu Kush, I want to travel to the distant valleys of Hindu Kush and getting re-married with my husband and maybe stay there forever adopted by the kalash-people.

Serge Lutens, Ambre Suktan and Borneo 1834, some perfumes I can´t get enough of.

Parfumerie Generale, Aomassai, the perfect autumn trip in a bottle.

Shiseido, Feminite Du Bois, Plum and amber, beautiful dreams and sensual evenings.

Montale, Red Aoud, Mustic, beautiful, warm and veiled.

Pic: River of Molten Colours, flickr

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so glad you fell in love with Red Aoud after all (if I remember correctly, you liked it but were a bit undecided on it in the past?).

    I have trouble falling for Back to Black because of the honey note (I get the same sharpness I get with certain other honey perfumes). Also not sure it is unique enough - falls somehwere in between Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream and POTL?

    Lastly I didn't have time to comment before, but glad to see you loved Citron Poivre as much as I did. Completely agree with you on its unisex nature!

  2. Divina: Oh yes, now I really like it. But still can´t really agree with Black Aoud on me, but on my husband it´s really fine.

    Yes, I know that honey notes turn sharp on some, I am happy I´m not one of them.

    Citron Poivre isn´t only unisex, I think it also work well on any ages. My oldest son liked it as well.