fredag 9 april 2010

Spring favorites

It´s almost mid-april and there is still snow left here. A spring toplist feels a little more far away than usual this spring. And where I live the spring doesnt look anything like the pic above, yet... But I guess it´ll be a nice spring this year too, eventually.

On monday my parents arrive here, my fathers 75'th birthdays is around the corner and I wish the weather to become a little bit better when they arrive, usually when they´re here in april the spring is beautiful with flowers and butterflies.

I test a lot of perfumes, but now and then I also manage to wear the scents I like the most. And now i then I also discover which scents i truly like the most, sometimes a perfume I loved when trying it for the first time become left in my drawers when I shall chose a favorite scent for the day. That is so strange.

Fisrt place this period is anything with amber(gris), I´ve lamost drown myself in ambery svents during march, Farmacia SS Annunziata´s Ambra Nera, Montale´s Blue Amber, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan (this manage to sneak in to every toplist, no matter time of year!) and Laboratorio Olfattivo´s Alambar and Cozumel.

Second place is all kinds of perfume oils, I´ve got a new period of perfume oil obsession in the end of march. So I´ve wear anything I have found in my drawers such as Opus Oil´s Tramp and Jitterbugg, BPAL´s Alice, Wanda and Harvest Moon, Scent by the Sea´s Sweet Hashish and an incredible jummy body oil from Perle di Bianca that I´ve used on my hands every day. I´ve even ordered "imps" (samples) from BPAL together with my oldest daughter, I guess they´ll arrive sometime during summer!

Third place is to anything with smell of "old" makeup, dust and kind of theater behind the scene feeling like Hilde Soliani´s Vecchi Rosetti, Histoire des Parfums Moulin Rouge 1889, and I´m sure Lorenzo Villoresi´s Musk would have make it, but it´s a little new, to me, yet.

Fourth place is to my beloved Guerlain-decants, Cuir Beluga and Tonka Imperiale, I still think Cuir Beluga smells best, but then Tonka Imperiale is the more interesting of the two.

Fifth place is warm, oriental florals like Estee Lauder´s Amber Ylang Ylang, Guerlain´s Insolence, Rochas Tocade and Cristobal Balenciaga.

Sixth place goes to Bond No 9's Coney Island. I love it, it deserve a much better place though!

Seventh place is for Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon, love this one too.

Not even close to be on the list is anything with strong patchouli note. I know I kind of like Angel Liquer de Parfum a lot, but still, I can´t stand anything with patchouli in it for now. I do hope I´ll start liking patchouli again, usually it´s one of my favorite notes in perfume.

Now I want the spring to arrive for real, my list feels more like a late winter list than a spring list I think.

Which are your favorites during this late winter/ early spring? Have you get any new favorite and maybe abandoned an old? Or are there any single note capturing you the most?

Pic: Kathlen Luis

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