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Lorenzo Villoresi - Yerbamate

Lorenzo Villoresi, Florence, Italy offers not only perfumes but also scented homeproducts as incense and scented candels. But, as usual I´m most interested in the perfumes. Lorenzo Villoresi offers 16 different scents, everything between classic cologne and traditional scents to more modern fantasy scents.

There is no doubt about that Lorenzo Villoresi´s perfumes are blended from the finest ingrediences and with excellent skill. The bottles are also very nice to look at, simple but still luxurious. Most Villoresi perfumes should be used with light hand, since they are strong, almost concrete in apperance. You can find more information about Lorenzo Villoresi´s products here:

When I´m trying a lot of scents from the same line, I can appreciate them all being well made, interesting and fine. But, finally one, two or maybe three of the scents manage to catch me the most. Among Lorenzo Villoresi´s scents, Yerbamate has become one of my favorites.

Yerbamate is an Argentinian beverage made of herbs and similar to tea. Originally it was served in a calebass and with a straw to avoid drinking the leafs. The beverage are, as coffee and tea, mildly stimulating.

Yerbamate as a scent, is both exciting, comfy and surprising. The first notes are bitter, sour and very green. Like lying on your back surrounded by high grass and look up on the huge blue sky with strange clouds on it. Suddenly, I change view, instead I am floating above the waist grass plains, maybe like an eagle soaring on the wind, resting and looking down on an never ending Pampas below. The grass slowly change color, from fresh green to golden to almost glowing red, colored by the last rays of the setting sun.

The grassland of Pampas are glowing, the bitter topnotes are followed by fresh greenery, glowing greenery and almost smoky greenery, but maybe it´s the smell of a campfire far away? Some gauchos (Argentinian cowboys) preparing some yerbamate I guess.

Yes, Yerbamate takes me on an amazing journey across infinite grassland. From time to time I can have problems to agree with green scents, but Yerbamate isn´t one of them. Yerbamate is both adventurous, silent and different at the same time. It mamage to make an impression of "upside-down world" like it was possible to float on you back in the sky and watch the green earth passing by down there.

Yerbamate isn´t only about green, the heartnotes are more like greenish red and glowing, yet fresh and with notes of smoke and (I guess) yerbamate. The basenotes are also really good, the grass has aged, become golden, dry and aromatic, like hay. The base is very harmoniuos, golden and almost powdery. For the first time in yerbamate, I can smell something sweet. Never to much, just the discrete sweetness of hay.

Yerbamate has good sillage and strenght, you won´t need so much, and still this scent goes on for many hours. Yerbamate is suiting for any age and no matter if you´re man or women. I do like it a lot now, but I think I´ll like it even more during late summer and autumn, when I usually like perfumes with haynote a lot.

Soon it´ll be something more from Lorenzo Villoresi, don´t miss it. DSo you have any favorites from Lorenzo Villoresi? If you haven´t tried any from LV yet, I think you should, they´re very much worth to discover.

Pic: Judd Patterson

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  1. Yerba Mate is also my favorite from Villoresi .
    i also love Alamut , Uomo amd Patchouli !
    I met Mr Villoresi when Sniffa went to Florence and we visited him at his home , surrounded by the thousands of essences he has collected from around the world . One of the most memorable days of my life !

  2. Ines from All I Am_A Redhead sent me the musk in in the EDT strength, but when I bought a bottle of the oil parfum, I wear it ALL THE TIME!

    I love yerba mate (the herbal tea)-- I drank quite a bit of it when I lived in Argentina. I'd love to try this...

  3. waftbyCarol: Yes, it is really interesting and also different, a little to strong at beginning so I have to spray it on very lightly, but I like it a lot.

    I can fully understand that it made a big impression. :) I hope I´ll be able to visit Florence soon. (I´m on my way to Italy all the time, but always get caught half way there for some reason!!!)

  4. The Left Coast Nose: I have to find some Yerba Mate (and linden blossom tea and sugar cane juice also!). Cool to hear that you lived in Argentina, my niece is living there now and maybe she´ll never get back home.