onsdag 7 april 2010

Lorenzo Villoresi - Teint de Neige

I´ve tried to find some interesting pic with to much powder, but I didn´t. So a pic of Nicole Kidman with traces of powder in her face was what I come up with eventually.

Teint de Neige (color of snow) is like most perfumes from Lorenzo Villoresi really strong. As a matter of fact (after reading a comment on the blog yesterday) I´ll even could recommend that you spray your hock´s to avoid overdose if you´re sensitive to strong scents. Well, strong and powerful scents is something positive also, a bottle will last forever, instead of having to spray your self wet with the scents, as is the case with some fumes out there.

Some times I test powdery scents that is so soft and discrete powdery that I even think those of you not so into powdery perfumes should give it a try. But, this isn´t the case with Teint de Neige, if you´re not a fan of powdery in perfume, you probably should avoid Teint de Neige. Teint de Neige is the most powerful and strong powdery and soapy scent that I´ve tried. It wraps me up in super strong and feminine caress for hours. It´s like being in a cave made of soap or a room totally covered in powder.

I happen to like powdery scents, and occationally I also enjoy some soapy notes in perfumes. Teint de Neige has some similarity to some of my favorite scents like, Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk, D&Gs Sicily, Le Labo´s Labdanum 18 and the Israeli perfume, Linga Sharira (I´m not sure which of these that was first). Teint de Neige has little pieces of all of them, but in the end, Teinte de Neige is, by far, the most powerful among them.

Grown up, in the outskirt of Nothern Europe, I don´t think that Teint de Neige have some similarity to snow, more like a landscaped totally covered in powder, but with flowers underneath. Despite the strong powdery and soapy parts of Teint de Neige I can smell notes of roses, jasmine and heliotrope all the time also.

Teint de Neige is so concrete and obvious as a scent of powder can be. At the same time it is to strong to remind me of the traditional old women-scent. And, in contrast to many modern powdery scents, Teint de Neige isn´t hiding that kind of sexy and erotic musk that pops up in the end. It´s more like sensual, beautiful and creamcolored all the way. The sillage is huge and it is really, really longlasting.

I wont spray Lorenzo Villoresi´s scents around my neck, I spray at my wrist or maybe half a spray in my decolletage.

Have you tried perfumes from other lines that are so strong you need to spray it in you hock? What do you prefer, strong and powerful perfumes or perfumes that you have to spray yourself wet with?

Pic: Matrixphotos.com

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  1. Is the newish Prada Ambree considered a powder? If so, I find it to be the perfect powder; there's a lovely lemonish top note that cuts it perfectly and keeps it balanced. Plus, it's the perfect strength.

  2. I don´t know if the new Prada is considered powdery, I haven´t tried it yet. But it sounds like it is a very nice scent. I´ll see if I can find it somewhere in my little town.