tisdag 27 april 2010

Sévigné - Parfum de Sévigné No.1

Rose, jasmine, iris and tuberose are some of the divas in the floral perfume world. Violet, lavender, carnation and ylang ylang are others often seen in main characters. But, there is a lot of flowers that don´t get that main role as often, Fresia is one of those flowers...

I´ve for sure encountered fresia in perfumes without knowing it, and I didn´t even know that I liked fresia in perfume. Until, I tried CnR Create´s astrological perfume Virgo that is. In Virgo I discovered that fresia has a very calming, nice and comforting scent. And fresia isn´t a flower I know much of apart from perfumes.

Now the German company Sévigné (a Münich based goldsmith company originally) released 3 different scents. De heter Parfum de Sévigné No.1, No. 2 and No. 3. I prefer long and poetic names on perfumes, usually I´m having trouble to remember numbers and easily mix them up. Well, you get a small Madonna pendant in sterling silver when you buy one of Sévigné perfumes, and that´s a nice idea I think.

I´ve tried the different scents now and must admit that No.2 don`t make any impression on me, the opening is filled with nice, fresh and bubbly citruses but the rest of it is nothing that catch my attention. No.3 is more interesting and have a really nice note of cardamom together with citrus, coriander, vetiver and amber which make it reminding of a jummy cardamom cake and fresh orange juice on the side and some herbs in the window. But, my favorite is among them is No.1.

No. 1 starts of with fresia and are followed with rose, magnolia and fig. The base note consist of frankincense, musk and sandalwood. Despite the rose, I don´t at all think of this as a rosy scent, but not really as a fresia scent either. For some reason No. 1 makes me think about sheer, delicate and almost transcluent little bluebells (harebells). I know harebell don´t have much of a scent, but still, No. 1 still manage to capture kind of the bluebell soul or heart.

No.1 is a calming, humble scent that manage to capture the spirit of blue summer sky, white fluffy clouds and a gentle summer breeze. A path in the middle of the fields, jagged grass and here and there little tufts of sheer bluebells. In the back ground the forrest and a small bridge over the purling creek with clear water.

There is something in the scent of fresia that makes me extremly calm, relaxed and soft. The scent of fresia isn´t really clean flowery, there is something in it reminding of pencil shavings, but not as much as in some cedar scents.

Parfum de Sévigné No.1 is a comfy, happy little kind of humble scent that will be great during spring and early summer. i think it would also be a great reminder of summer during gloomy november days. The base is soft and creamy, with sandalwood and little traces of incense. It has medium lasting power and sillage.

What do you think about fresia in perfumes? Am I alone with thinking that fresia has a wonderfully calming and balancing scent for some mystical reason? Is there any other floral note you wish to see more often in perfumes?

Pic: Banum

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