fredag 23 april 2010

Borsari 1870 - Giglio och Orchidea

As I wrote just recently, I was positive surprised by Borsari 1870´s Giglio (Lily). Perhaps Giglio isn´t the most complex and exciting scent there is, but for sure, I´ve never encountered a scent with such a pleasant and genuin scent of olive soap. Giglio smells clean and soapy, but also with creamy oil, some traces of soil and grassy olives. Very, very comfy. Beneath the scent of olive soap I can also smell some sweet honey and quiet, almost transcluent flowers. Giglio has a very natural, genuin and old fashioned scent. Giglio don´t have much sillage or strenght and can pass as a jummy olive bodylotion or something like that.

At first I thought of it as very short lived, but then I discovered little traces of it the morning after, but only silent whispers of fragile flowers on my skin. I´m so happy with my very small (3,5 ml) bottle of Giglio. Sometimes I have cravings for thos compact and long lasting olive soaps, but now I can dab on some drops of Giglio instead!

After the pleasant surprise with Giglio I also dared to try Orchidea. But, oh no, it starts of really stinky and I was about to scrub it of... but then I smelled something quite good. Something reminding of fresh, chewy, dark and sweet scent of tobacco and dried apples. This is also such a nice scent. IF my bottles are vintage, the top notes maybe have become spoiled if they are citruses and that´s the reason Orchidea didn´t smell good from start. Why something with the name Orchidea smells of fresh apple tobacco I don´t really understand. Anyway, this is so mouthwatering good, dark, full bodied, golden and sweet. Like with Giglio it has short lasting power, still it survive for hours on my skin but only with the slightest scent of dried flowers. The floral notes of Orchidea are more dusty then the floral notes in Giglio.

I haven´t tried the other four scents, but I´m sure not to like them as much as Giglio and Orchidea. But, maybe... I´ll use Giglio and Orchidea from time to time, not maybe as favorite scents, but still they´re both very charmy, old fashioned and romantic kind of scents. Lovely perfume treasure that come my way by chanse...

Pic: Nature cosmetics, genuin olive sopa from Aleppo

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